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Five golden rules for dressing well in winter

How to dress well in winter?

You are probably like me

When winter arrives, you are afraid to make a mistake by putting together an outfit with tights and vests.

You think that putting several layers of clothing together will make you look like the guy in the Michelin tire ad.

You don’t know what shoes to wear in winter, what tights or how to match them with your clothes.

When you are in the stores you are a little disappointed because it is either too dark or too colorful but not in keeping with your style.

You see women in the street in winter wearing pretty outfits, you never think about wearing your skirts or dresses for women online Pakistan because it seems rather difficult for you.

Today, we can help you in turn because I see it differently. We even took some confidence and can put together pretty outfits on my own. I can’t believe it myself because we get compliments on the street.

Now we’re going to show you how you can dress well in winter too, but first let’s see what to avoid:

When purchasing your sweaters, avoid synthetic materials, and favor natural materials such as cotton, wool, cashmere, silk and mohair.

These materials are very comfortable, they will allow your skin to breathe and you will not risk having a mopping effect after two or three washes. If you are on a budget, opt for a sweater with a mixture of materials not exceeding 40 % synthetic material.

Avoid multiple purchases; invest in beautiful basic pieces that will allow you to compose pretty outfits.

Now you will see that to be beautiful and stylish in winter you just have to compose pretty outfits with the basic pieces of your winter wardrobe and to master the art of layering.

As a reminder, the basics of your winter wardrobe are a set of key pieces that will serve as a basis for composing your various winter outfits. So we will come back to the basic pieces of sweaters and other warm accessories.

To dress well in winter wear the basics with style

To add a little warmth, I advise you to wear a sweater under your clothes. To prevent it from being seen under your clothes, choose the same color of the clothes you will wear. The idea is that this one this is not seen.

You can choose it either dark (navy blue, black or gray), or light (cream, heather gray or nude).

If you want to wear it with a blouse or a neckline choose an under-sweater with a V-neck and if you want to wear it with a sweater with a round neck take an under-sweater with a round neck.

The white shirt

The white shirt is a basic for all seasons. In winter, it has the particularity of illuminating your outfit and bringing radiance to your complexion.

Either way, all blouses will be welcome in winter as they participate in the layering game that will keep you warm.

Favor materials such as cotton and poplin with a satin effect for shine and softness in contact with the skin. You can wear it for example with gray raw jeans or under a heather gray cashmere sweater or layered with a navy cardigan.

To learn more about a white shirt, I invite you to read the article how to choose and wear a white shirt.

The chambray shirt

The chambray shirt is practical to wear under a sweater. Choose it in a material that has hold. While being flexible in order to juxtapose it under your sweater, letting it hang out at the back.

Ideally, you should borrow your man’s in navy blue as it is a color that will work with all your winter outfits.

You can wear it with a sweater with a round neck and jewelry or with a cardigan and gray jeans.


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