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Where to buy ethical, ecological AND affordable clothing?

You’ve heard about the damage done by fast fashion, and you want to get out of it. Unfortunately, when you look at the price of ethical  clothing, you end up in PLS between two Zara shelves.

Fortunately, there are eco-responsible fashion brands that are certainly more expensive than H&M or Gap, but nevertheless affordable. As long as we reason a little about our clothing consumption.

I therefore offer you a little recap of the problems caused by fast fashion, an inventory of ethical fashion and a directory of sustainable and affordable brands. Here is the summary of the article:

The environmental and social cost of fast fashion

Health, environment… It’s hard to ignore the ravages caused by fast fashion.

The toxic underwear of fashion

In 2012, the NGO Greenpeace released a report titled Toxic Fashion Underwear. The study showed the presence in a majority of clothing of nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), used as detergents or waterproofs, which turn into endocrine disruptors on contact with water … And accumulate in aquatic environments. There are also phthalates, with the same drawbacks, or azo dyes, potentially carcinogenic.

These pollutants are dangerous for everyone: the flora and fauna that come into contact with them, textile workers, residents of clothing production factories, and end consumers.

What have the giants of fast fashion done in the face of Greenpeace sounding the alarm? Not much. Most of them continue to use toxic products with impunity. And if there was just that…

Overconsumption of resources

Every year, and in particular during the sales, environmental associations recall the environmental and social damage caused by the overproduction and overconsumption of clothing.

In addition to being a waste of raw materials, drinking water and energy, fast fashion emits a lot of greenhouse gases, and releases large amounts of pollutants into water and soil. All this to wear clothes 3 times before getting rid of them…

Last but not least, the workers who work for these industries do so under nightmarish conditions. After only 30 minutes watching the documentary The True Cost, my boyfriend turned to me and said, “I want to burn all my clothes. (But that wouldn’t have served much; it would have had to be bought back.)

In the end, we didn’t have a blaze, but we decided to significantly limit our purchases, even second-hand. And not to buy anything in fast fashion anymore.

What is eco-responsible fashion?

In this second part, I would like to make you aware of the fact that it is quite possible to buy ethical and ecological clothing, without our approach being so because the over-consumption of eco-responsible fashion remains over-consumption…

Consume less

The first thing to do is to buy a lot less clothes. And it’s not always easy, with all these special offers, these promotions, these private sales … How do you do it?

Desert stores, and unsubscribe from all possible newsletters. Stop the temptation!

Buy clothes that will never go out of fashion, and that really suit us. You can go for ready to wear women clothing.

Sort and sell / donate clothes that no longer fit (we’ll come back to that).

Think about your needs and move towards second hand and / or brands truly committed to meet them.


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