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9 tips: a female look for those who are short

Style Tips

This is why we have been working for many years.

You may be having trouble choosing your clothes or matching them. Do you know how to accessorize an outfit?

Maybe looking for advice in terms of morphology or material

Here are some style tips to help you find and assert your style.

You do not believe me? Well let me tell you, size isn’t what matters most, far from it. Take the example of famous actresses including Natalie Portman, Eva Longoria, Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue, or even Shakira. Apart from the many zeros in their bank accounts, these celebrities have one thing in common: they are all less than six feet tall!

The ideal solution is ultimately to bet everything on verticality, and yes, in order to lengthen the silhouette! Ready to wear women clothing are might be the best solution for you. But maybe you don’t really know what I’m talking about. So here are some tips that will quickly make you understand how to achieve this:

Remember that the cuts must be adjusted

Whether you are tall or short, it is essential to wear clothes that are appropriate for your size. As an example, short skirts and high waists go very well on petite. Another tip is to choose the length of your tops above the hips and avoid cuts that are too wide or too loose that “horizontal” the line.

Lengthen your outfit with prints

Perhaps the best-known technique for lengthening your figure is to choose clothes with vertical lines. Yes, everyone thinks of stripes but seam lines can have the same effect. We just think about avoiding horizontal stripes and XXL prints! And we will rather favor small patterns, muslin, fine knits which will give us a totally feminine look.

Being a woman doesn’t necessarily mean dresses or skirts

Pants are essential and must absolutely be part of our wardrobe! To lengthen our legs, nothing better than skinny jeans or, conversely, trousers with eph tabs. The key is to choose straight cuts that slim the legs and of course, make them look taller.

Avoid pants with bulky pockets without hems, wide or too loose pants and especially low-rise jeans!


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