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Seller in ready-to-wear

The ready-to-wear seller does not stop at welcoming and advising an increasingly demanding and informed clientele. Most often, he is also responsible for inventory management and the restocking of clothing.

The missions of a ready-to-wear seller

Before opening to customers, the seller carefully arranges the products on the shelves or in the window. He does the labeling carefully so that all prices are clearly displayed. During the day, he has an eye on everything. He tidies away the moved items, sets aside those that are stained, and puts unfolded shirts back into their packaging … without losing sight of customers walking the shelves or trying on clothes in the changing rooms.

Friendliness and coolness

The main mission of the ready to wear women clothing seller is to advise the customer with skill and efficiency. His presentation is impeccable and his friendliness is undeniable, even if the customer is cranky or dissatisfied. He tactfully inquires about his needs and tastes. Undecided on the choice of a garment, a question related to the maintenance of a fabric…?

The seller is there to provide practical information. In small structures, the seller can perform several functions. Carrying out stock inventory, placing orders, collecting payments and posting receipts at the end of the day can also be part of his duties.

Skills needed to do this job

– Tact, politeness

– Sense of listening, psychology

– Developed aesthetic sense

– Neat presentation

– Oral expression skills

– Good physical and nervous resistance

Training that leads to the profession

The CAP Multi-specialty business employee offers immediate opportunities. To find a stable job, it is recommended to continue at least until the bac pro commerce. The BTS management of business units allows faster access to management functions. Knowledge of a foreign language is recommended in tourist areas and required by luxury boutiques.

What are the outlets for the ready-to-wear seller?

Salesperson jobs are found in all types of businesses. It is needed in small neighborhood shops as well as in luxury boutiques. Depending on the type of store, working conditions are not necessarily the same. The salesperson works Saturdays and does a lot of overtime, especially around sales and holiday season. There are more than a million sellers in France, all sectors combined.

Nearly 25,000 places are offered each year in boutiques, stores and supermarkets. But these are often part-time positions to which young people under age 35 apply without a diploma. Motivated salespeople can, however, quickly find a job as team leader and then store manager. In the ready-to-wear distribution sector, the functions of department head, or even manager, extend their arms to the most obstinate.


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