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Should I wash new clothes before wearing them?

How to wash clothes according to their fabric? Here are some tips for washing your new clothes.

They’re brand new, incredibly soft, and you just want one thing to put them on right now! But is it really a good idea? Should you wash your new clothes before wearing them or sleeping in them? No need to wait for a tough stain to wash your new clothes for the first time: here are some practical tips.

Should I wash new clothes before wearing them for the first time?

The answer is yes. This cute little dress and soft sweater may contain harmful chemicals.

Used during the manufacture of clothing, these products, such as chlorine, can trigger allergies and skin irritation. Traces of phthalates, used to soften plastic, are often present on designs, inscriptions and illustrations of clothing. They are dangerous only if swallowed, but children can put the clothes in their mouths. Alkaline chemical residue, a potentially irritating substance, can also be found on new washing clothes.

To achieve the pristine white of T-shirts, manufacturers use products with very high alkaline content. But don’t panic! By washing your clothes before wearing them, you avoid the risk of irritation due to this chemical residue.

Should I wash my nightwear before sleeping with it?

Yes, for the reasons explained above. Like your new sweaters and pants, sleepwear can contain chemicals that are easily washed off. New clothes should be washed before sleeping with them. In addition, items purchased in the market or in a ready to wear women clothing store may have been handled by many hands that were not always clean. They can be filled with germs!

Advice for washing new clothes: if you sleep regularly in something worn during the day, it is better to break this habit. While you sleep, you sweat. The sweating of the night is then added to that of the day and the bacteria, which feed on the sweat, multiply. It’s not clean and it’s not the best way to smell!

Good to know: are there washing and care symbols on your new items? If this is not the case, or if they are incomplete, beware: it is very likely that these clothes do not comply with European standards.

Watch out for irritation…

Choose the most suitable wash cycle, even for the first wash

Clothing made from natural materials (wool, angora, silk, linen, cashmere, etc.) should be hand washed in cold water before being worn. Synthetics (nylon, lycra, dralon, coolmax, gore-tex, etc.) can be machine washed and tumble dried, unless they contain stretch fabrics.

Organic cotton: this fabric does not cause allergies or skin irritations. Free from pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals, it is perfectly tolerated by the skin. However, it is recommended to wash an organic cotton bathrobe at 40 ° before wearing it for the first time.

Silk: the dye of this fabric can bleed, it is important to wash it by hand the first time.

Velvet and dark clothing: these fabrics that attract lint should be washed separately from materials that tend to lose fibers, towels for example. So that your black clothes don’t turn gray, choose short wash cycles at low temperature and use the correct amount of detergent. Most importantly, wash dark clothes and jeans inside out.

Colorful clothes: Before you put your new red sweater in the washing machine, do a quick test. Immerse a sleeve in very hot water then wring out over a white cloth. If this laundry turns pink, the sweater should be machine washed alone or by hand in cold water. Be careful and repeat the test before the second wash!

Advice for washing clothes before wearing them: before washing your clothes, remember to button them and turn them over so that the colors do not fade over the washings. Why not get into this habit from the first wash?


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