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Pre-order clothes, the new way to consume fashion

A promise of conscious and eco-responsible fashion, the creation of on-demand pieces revolutionizes our very relationship with clothing, rehabilitating its status as an object of desire that is both beautiful and intelligent. A godsend for fashion lovers in search of meaning whether you’re a young designer, an established department store or a simple consumer.

“The boom, the boom, the boom”. Flocked in tangy colors like a totem pole displayed on the front of the chest, the three words with sweet nostalgic hints immediately capture your attention. The short sleeves are subtly rolled up, the fluid and loose silhouette, the top cut in the old fashioned way, all in thick cotton which is also eco-made.

First opus and bestseller from Shurooq, a young Pakistani brand, the ready to wear women clothing was everywhere on the web at the time .. And for good reason, it must be pre-ordered: buy it on the site and wait patiently for it to be designed, manufactured … then finally delivered.

“We are making a fashion to wear for a long time with the smile. No collections, but one material after another and new products according to our desires and yours. ” Explains the brand which, since this first launch in 2017, has extended its beautiful and good wardrobe to sweatshirts and jeans “made in ass heaven”. And she’s not the only, or even the first, to work on this model of simply selling clothes before they’re even made.

Pre-ordering, from Department Stores to young designers

Co-founded by famous designer, the Shurooq brand thus imagines, in collaboration with its (future) customers, timeless pieces also available for pre-order: during a certain period of time, anyone can come and book (and pay) online. His future garment and patiently wait for it to be made with love.

“Where we’re different is when we really take the time to come up with it and develop our clothes.” underlines the designer. “We start from the needs and desires of our customers who answer our product questionnaires and who participate in the fittings and the development of parts.” he explains. We have also been able to identify emerging brands such as Helo which, to get started, immediately presents its first sweater for pre-order, Mister K who wants to “produce what is needed, as it should be” or even Maison Dolores which distills between Paris and Mexico City of casual silk dresses pre-orderable on the web.

We start from the needs and desires of our customers who answer our product questionnaires and who participate in the fittings and the development of parts.

Recently, comfortably established Parisian brands are also letting themselves be tempted by this new business model. While October Editions, Sézane’s male alter-ego, is launching its Will jacket for pre-order, the trendy label Roseanna is also announcing that it is taking the plunge as part of a half-fashion, half-decor collaboration with The Socialite Family. Even the Galeries Lafayette have started doing it with an “on demand” service that allows them to deliver high-quality, timeless pieces, made from organic cotton and sold at the right price.


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