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5 tips to look stylish on a budget

Want to look like a girl but not the budget for? Rest assured, you don’t have to wear Prada every day to be trendy. On the contrary, it’s the way you wear your clothes – even the cheapest – that matters! Anyone can be chic with a low fashion budget. But looking really stylish takes a little practice. Rather than wasting your time skimming blogs and Instagram pages, Shurooq has put together 5 tips for being well dressed on the cheap!

The importance of size

If you dress in inexpensive stores, never overlook the size of your clothes. Because if high-end fashion prides itself on having the most daring cuts, in mass-market stores the clothes are cut roughly to suit the greatest number. Sometimes the dimensions are so different from one store to another that you could make 40 in one and 44 in another.

Choosing the right size clothing, including ready to wear women clothing neither too big nor too small, is already giving it more allure. As in a store where you would spend several hundred euros on pants: try on your clothes before buying them. Move around, look at yourself 360 ° to be sure the piece fits you perfectly. If you feel any discomfort, don’t push it.

A chic piece in the middle of a cheap outfit

You can’t imagine the number of celebrities and millionaires who dress in the same brands everyday as the average person. The difference is in the way they wear them. With an army of stylists to advise them, they know how to pair this and that piece together. Do you have a Gucci belt, a pair of Church’s shoes, a Chloé bag? Perfect!

This is enough to give your outfit the high-end fashion touch it needs! The rest may be who will know? We’ll only have eyes for your favorite piece and the way you pair it. Moreover, a quality accessory or clothing immediately gives more allure to a look, even a sober one.

Favor angular cuts

Here is a smart and inexpensive optical effect! Sharp cuts, geometric patterns, pointed shapes are popular in fashion and give an outfit a high-end look. So don’t hesitate to wear checkered jackets, straight jeans, pointed ankle boots and straight shoulders.

They lengthen the silhouette and immediately make it more polished than the puffy pieces which are sometimes difficult to wear. For curves, opt for minimalist patterns such as polka dot or subtle details such as balloon sleeves or a mini round shoulder bag.

Avoid bright colors

In any case, not on large, poor quality parts. The brighter the colors, the more flaws are seen. On the contrary, with black, gray or navy, protruding threads, seam shifts or poorly cut cuts go more easily unnoticed. Style wise, Instagram’s most popular girls also help out on basics. Well-cut white T-shirt, straight jeans, checked blazer, little black dress, cream knit sweater … simple but effective. Reserve the color in the evening!

Accessorize thoroughly

This is the detail of the girl during Fashion Week: they all have an accessory that hits the mark. Whether it is a pretty scarf on the handle of the handbag, original sunglasses, a pair of jeweled shoes or a huge necklace … everything is to know well balanced. Shurooq gives us the ultimate advice: “Before you leave home, look at yourself in the mirror and take off an accessory.”


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