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Australia Passport / Visa Image Requirements and Size

Keeping your Australia Visa passport accurate and up-to-date is essential to ensure that you always have a valid identity card. You will be able to do this easily through a service that has a lot of experience with Australian passport photos and knows the requirements well. You’ll be able to find accurate information about what you need by checking our quick facts, then taking a great picture and using it to keep your passport functional.
Which can help you determine if you will need a visa to where you are going or not. Since it can handle many passport pictures online, it will save you that time and money at first.

Photo Specs

Size: 35 mm to 40 mm width. 45 mm to 50 mm length.
Color: Color only.
Head size and position: from 32 mm to 36 mm. Do not lean or retreat. Concentrated.
Novelty: Not more than six months old.
Wallpaper: solid, plain white or gray. You must give depth to the face.
Smile: Just a neutral expression.
Eyes: Wide open and directed to the camera.
Glasses: non-thick framed prescription.
Headwear: Do not block the face and religious clothing only.
Dimensions and size (pixels): Not specified.
Clothing, Clothing, Formal Dress: Use your judgment and wear casual or business clothing.
Beard: optional.
Quantity required in application: 2

Australia Passport Photo and Visa Photo Requirements, Rules, Guidelines, and specifications

There is a clip of how to capture these images above. There are some additional guidelines and rules to consider before taking them away. To ensure government compliance, make sure you understand the following requirements:

Each application needs two images. This is true regardless of the number of people who present someone, including children.
Comfortable natural expressions allow facial recognition to be better than a smile. Resist the temptation to smile. The mouth needs to be completely closed and not open.
Facial piercing is allowed as long as it does not give a reflection or a black vision to your face.
If you wear glasses every day, you can wear the image as long as there is no glare or obstruction in your eyes. Sunglasses or “transition” lenses are not allowed with any color.
There should not be someone else in the picture with you.
An image older than six months will not be accepted.
Your hair can be down as long as the face can be seen clearly. Headpieces such as hats, decorations, or hair accessories are not allowed. Headwear for religious purposes are OK if the face is not blocked.

For digitally captured images:

Do not retouch the image in any way. This includes red eye removal or smoothing of blemishes or other skin problems.
The camera used must be at least 1.2 meters in length.
High quality glossy photo paper should be used for printing.
Use good lighting on the same face as the amount of light in each part.

Rules and requirements for babies, infants, and newborns Passport and Visa photos

Every child will need a passport or a visa to get a picture. Group shots are not accepted. Each child should be photographed separately, including infants. The kids are harder and take a little more time to take pictures suitable for. Do not let that dissuade you. The Australian Government understands and allows for more flexible regulations for children:

Children under the age of three can open their mouths but the eyes must be open as well.
No one can be in the picture with them.
Toys, bottles and other objects are not allowed in the image.
The camera should be on the face and the top of the shoulders. The child’s head can not be tilted.
Children over 3 years of age are expected to be photographed as described above.
All images must comply with technical rules and regulations such as scaling, color, brightness and contrast.

Price and cost

Depending on where you want to take photos, the amount printed and paid can be the difference in money for a holiday or not. Before the Internet and governments stood in the rapid train of fast-paced technology, it was difficult and expensive to complete passport and visa photos. If you prefer to stick to an experienced system, the post office is where you should go. In Australia, the cost of submitting two photographs with your request is $ 16.99 for physical publications and $ 19.99 for digitally transmitted electronic copies. The least expensive alternative is choosing an online service, or receiving a set of images, whether printed or downloaded, is A $ 8.39. This is a great saving, especially when you buy more than a set! A quick example is a family of four. At the post office, $ 80 for digital copies or $ 33.56 with us.

How to Get Passport Photos Australian or Australian Visa Photos Online

We understand that trust in the Internet can raise eyebrows and alienate people from them. We offer high quality service and accept the content. We understand your time and your precious money and that is why we believe in getting the best bang for your efforts.

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