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Best Honeymoon Destinations In Pakistan

The country with its rich resources and breathtaking sites is none other than Pakistan. If you live here, you don’t have to visit abroad for tourist reasons, because Pakistan is full of beautiful places, just like other countries.

The most important thing is the honeymoon. As soon as the couple decides the date of their wedding, the next important step for them is to decide where to go for their honeymoon. What about the beautiful honeymoon destinations in Pakistan?

Seriously, there is no need to always find the honeymoon destination outside the country, while you can find the beautiful and reasonable honeymoon destinations in Pakistan.

You can see the hundreds of amazing places here like Kaghan, Swat, Naran, Murrée, Shogran, Gilgit and many other Pakistan Tour Packages.

These places are also affordable. If you haven’t decided on your honeymoon yet, don’t worry! Here we will share with you the best and most beautiful honeymoon destinations in Pakistan.

Naran, Kaghan Valley

At the top, there is probably Naran and the Kaghan Valley, famous for the beautiful honeymoon destinations in Pakistan. Icy lakes, stunning mountains, greenery, lush gardens, exotic waterfalls, and many other beautiful places are found here.

You can go there yourself or through travel agencies, so don’t wait and pack your bags.


Skardu is located on the bank of the Indus, known as one of the magical and beautiful destinations for honeymoons for the bride and groom. You can’t just forget about this place once you’ve been there because of beautiful waterfalls and crystal clear lakes.

Murree and Galiyat

Crossing Islamabad you can visit Murree and Galiyat. These places are renowned for hills and other wonderful views. If you really want to spend quality time on your honeymoon, there are some very good hotels.

Murree and Galiyat should be your next destination!

Neelum Valley

The magical place of the Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir is one of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations in Pakistan. Exceptional green forests, lakes, streams, rivers and many other beautiful sites are here to enjoy your honeymoon.

The beautiful view with fresh greenery is something to see for a honeymoon.


The mystical-looking place, located at the foot of Tirich Mir, the highest peak of the Hindukush chain. In addition, the game from Polo to Shandoor to Chitral is one of the best things to see.

The sights of Chitral are simply striking: you won’t want to go back.

Lake Saiful Muluk

The ideal mountain lake, located at the northern end of the Kaghan Valley, offers a fascinating view for those who love to admire nature. Therefore, also known as the fairy lake.

The colorful place with snow everywhere in winter welcomes every person who falls in love with.

Shogran Valley

You have to think about the Shogran Valley when you decide on the honeymoon because you can’t take the risk of missing this place. The Shogran Valley is located on a green plateau in northern Pakistan and represents the true beauty of nature.

Fairy Meadows, Nanga Parbat Mountains

The Fair Meadows is recognized as one of the most beautiful and wonderful places in Pakistan for every newly married couple. It is covered with thick forests with greenery everywhere.What is surprising is the base camps of the Nanga Parbat Mountains, because this is what all couples want.

Once the wedding is over, the couple can’t wait to discover the fabulous places for a honeymoon. If you are a couple who tend to make it a unique destination, it is obligatory to make this trip memorable and romantic.

The honeymoon can be shorter or longer and you can have a visit to the beach, sky trip or enjoy the theme park. You spend months and weeks planning the best honeymoon destinations within budget. There are countless amazing places in Pakistan, which helps you to list the most popular places for honeymoons. The honeymoon, which assures you the absolutely romantic journey of a life you can never forget.

So where do you want to go for your honeymoon? Check out the list and contact us at Hitch A Hike for your favorite honeymoon destination in Pakistan.

Must know the details of your hotel honeymoon destination to the food you prefer to eat. Your honeymoon period should be unique, romantic, relaxing and full of joy. Honeymoon days meant being incredible days with memories you want to keep until death.

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