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Look the same and boring? Reinvent your closet!

Many women often complain that they always wear the same clothes and therefore have a wardrobe that is always the same with brand online shopping, even boring! For many the easiest solution becomes going out shopping … But what if there were other solutions? Especially when you don’t have money for new purchases … let’s see together some tips to learn how to reinvent our closet and use it more creatively.

Look for inspiration by browsing women’s and fashion magazines:

Both in the advertisements for the various clothing brands and in the fashion articles offered in women’s magazines, inspiration can be found to create new combinations! Very often the problem is that we dress with the autopilot: the black trousers we always match it with the kurta and shoes, the jeans always faded with the white shirt and the sneakers! Versatility is the secret of a winning wardrobe: a shirt can be combined with classic black trousers, but also with jeans, a cigarette trouser, etc. We just have to learn to be creative and look at our leaders with different eyes.

Go out into the street and see how the people passing by are dressed:

This tip is Very useful if you live near big cities. Street style is a great source of inspiration and looking at passers-by looks can give us new ideas! Better still if you decide to go for a coffee or an aperitif in the most artistic and extravagant neighborhoods of your city: art is synonymous with expression and seeing how people get very different from you will certainly be useful to give you different stimuli.

Browse on Pinterest:

In this site you can find many inspirational images. You can register with all your personal style data (how tall you are, what size you have, what style and preferences you have, and many others …) and you will be offered, at the end of the recording, many looks to your taste and in your style!

Take a tour of shop windows and shops:

Look at the combinations of the mannequins and in general what the clothing and accessories shops propose is a source of ideas and inspiration! Creativity in fashion comes from knowing how to look at clothes and accessories with new eyes: get out of your comfort zone and learn to experiment!

Create new matches by hanging your clothes on the bed:

Pretend you don’t know your wardrobe, and pull out the clothes one by one. Then try to create new combinations by placing the garments (above, below, accessories) on your bed; the yellow shirt tries to match it with black trousers and black shoes, but also with blue trousers and blue shoes, or dares more colors! Have fun creating new mixes in a creative and unusual way.

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