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Hunting Knife Construction Materials

When you choose your ideal hunting knife or knives, you need to think carefully about the materials used to build it. A strong tool can make the difference between death in certain circumstances, so it is necessary to buy a well-made knife. Each knife is essentially made from steel, although it is a steel alloy due to certain properties associated with different alloys that improve performance. Here is a list of common blade items and the advantages of each:

Stainless Steel

It is a popular material for pocket and kitchen utensils, and its resistance to rust is known for its stainless steel, although it is often not as sharp as other blades. Such as Damascus steel hunting knives.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is known for its sharpening and ease of sharpening, making it a perfect material for hunting blades. Because of its orientation to rust, carbon steel blades must be carefully cleaned after use.


Titanium is another construction option, but is more softer than steel and can be coated in other materials to maintain a sharp blade. It is very popular pocketknife blades.


Although not as common as other materials, ceramic blades are occasionally used in pocket. They know the sharp, blades that will never rust, these blades are also at risk of cracking when they are released.

There are also many potential uses in knife dealings, each with advantages and disadvantages. This list will give you an idea of ​​what to look for.


Done from the inner surface of a mollusk shell, aboneone is an attractive material, although it is relatively fragile for some pocketknife discussion.


Lightweight and durable, aluminum is a recognized material often used for all types of knives.


It is a popular choice of bone for pocketknife deals. It is difficult, easy to clean, durable, and it can color to achieve different coloring.

Carbon Fiber

Although carbon fiber is expensive, it is strong and light.


This is a permanent fibrous laminated material known to be permanent and light.


This natural sheep material is attractive and unique.


The wooden handles are excellent, easy to keep, and are very suitable for heavy duty knives.

Choosing the right hunting knife is a matter for your personal needs and preferences. Include the above guide and find one that meets your best requirement.

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Product Details

The Beautiful Blue Wood Blade is a folding knife with a 3-3 / 8 inch stainless steel blade. Buyers have the option of a smooth blade or a serrated blade. The light handle is made of anodized aluminum and has a non-slip grip due to Trac-Tec attachments. These stickers allow the knife to be coated even when wet.

A feature of this folded blade is Blue Wood open system which allows users to manually open the knife by pushing the thumb grid or the Open Index system. The torsion bar enables Speed Safe to prevent the folding knife returning from accident. The knife measures at 5 × 2.2 × 1 inch and has a weight of 4.8 ounces. Colored options include standard black or black with dark gray, red or tan accents.

Simple Use

By applying manual pressure to the thumb grade or Index-Open system, the blade passes over the torsion bar resistance. Once the blade is released from the handle, the fruit bar moves along the path and moves gently until the blade hits it.

Blue Wood describes the knife as a great place for different situations including everyday use and serious situations. Always think about safety when handling any knife. Beautiful Blue Wood Blade is reported to have a very sharp blade which keeps its edge even when used, so be particularly careful when using the blade.

As an American product made in, many buyers are satisfied with this knife. Hundreds of online reviews relate to the intensity, light weight and overall ease of the blade.

Thanks to Damascus1 company name quality as well as the easy features of work and safety, the Folding Knife is a suggestion of high rates online. At a very attractive price, the product has its own product in this tactical folding knife market.

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