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Damascus Steel Hunting Knife – Best Tool for Survival

Hunting Knives: The Indispensable Help in Extreme Conditions

Damascus Hunting Knives are sturdy and reliable knives. This is the heaviest category of outdoor knives. They have been designed to pull their users from all delicate situations. Hunting Knives are therefore made to be used in extreme situations.

To set traps, build a shelter, cut wood, etc. etc. In short, they must be able to withstand rough use. Hunting Knives are not necessarily very big. Hunting Knives must also be easy to handle and easy to transport. Some smaller variants exist that can also save lives. Whether it’s a stationary knife or folding knives, knivesandtools will always provide you with the perfect survival knife.

Additional Equipment for Hunting Knives

Some Hunting Knives are equipped with additional tools. This may include a survival whistle, a compass, a small diagram with distress signals or a firelighter. Sometimes the handle is hollow so that objects can be stored there. Thanks to these additional tools, they are clearly distinguishable from military knives. The back of the handle can also be equipped with a glass breaker.

Characteristics of the Outdoor Knives and Hunting Knives

Hunting Knives come in many forms. Fixed blade knives, folding knives, big or small. As a general rule, the blade is between 10 and 20 cm long. The upper part of the blade is generally flat, so that we can hit the top of the knife, when cutting wood for example. The sleeves should provide good grip on the knife. Sleeves can be plastic, wood or metal. There are even knives whose handle is covered with paracord. This provides a comfortable grip in normal circumstances, but can also be used as a rope when needed.

Knife Blade: Smooth Or Serrated?

The Hunting Knives may be provided with smooth, serrated or semi-serrated blades. A serrated blade allows you to easily cut rope and textiles. Like, for example, knives for pilots who must allow them to break free from their belts, or even their (relatively thin) metal cockpit. A serrated blade retains its sharpness better than a smooth blade. They will also be better suited for sawing wood for example.

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