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Damascus Steel Chef Knife – Handmade Knives for Sale

Damascus Steel Chef Knife – Handmade Knives for Sale

Damascus Chef Knife is a high-performance Damascus knife collection of 67 layers.
It offers a balance between sharpness of the cut, edge retention and rust resistance. This result is achieved by rolling 67 layers of steel in a single blade – A high-carbon Japanese steel AUS-10V forms the core of the blade for precise cutting due to its high strength and durability. its exceptional sharpness, while a 66-layer stainless steel on the outside supports the ultra hard core of the blade and prevents rust.This type of construction is far superior to the weakness of single steel and greatly improves the overall performance of the blade.

A Multi-Purpose Work Beast
 – This 8-inch Damascus chef’s knife can handle almost any imaginable preparation task. Ideal for chopping herbs, cutting diced onions, slicing shallots, mashing garlic, slicing meats of all kinds or carving cabbages.

Exceptional Sharpness and Precision – The core of the blade is made of high carbon AUS-10V Japanese steel with a hardness of 60-62HRC ensuring effortless cutting and long edge retention. The bevelled double edge of 15 ° ± 1 °, with its amazing finesse, is ideal for thin cuts. With great clarity and precision, he cuts food with ease.

Exceptional Damascus chef’s knife Pattern – The Damascus chef’s knife, forged with 67 layers of steel, features a gorgeous hammered Damascus chef’s knife pattern that will fit beautifully into your kitchen. The permanent, rust-resistant Damascus chef’s knife pattern also reduces the amount of food sticking to the blade during cutting.

Ergonomic handle – The handle of Damascus chef’s knife has a nice crescent shape that ends with a smooth beak of corbin. Perfectly ergonomic, it offers a secure grip and reassuring control. It is made of a non-deformable G10 material that guarantees its durability for life.

Serviceability – The 66 layers of stainless steel cladding on the blade core provide exceptional resistance to corrosion and rust and reduce maintenance time.

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