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Damascus Steel Pocket Knives – Christmas up to 40% Off

Damascus Pocket Knives: Find Here the Most Beautiful Products

Damascus pocket knives give off style, success and taste. Gentleman’s knives and EDC pocket knives: they are all available with a damask steel blade. More than a ‘simple pocket knife’, perfect to stand out and show your difference. Luxury and style: that’s why we have a Damascus pocket knife.

Where Does Damask Steel Come From?

Damascus steel was originally a forging technique that produced a sturdy blade from a lower quality steel. Indeed, at that time, there were no luxury alloys. Damascus steel has been registered in the city of Damascus pocket knives, today in Syria. It is in this city that this steel was forged for the first time. Today, this steel still bears the name inspired by its origin.

Today, the forging of Damascus steel is mainly for aesthetic purposes. Different components are used and different patterns created to achieve an incredible result. Damask steel is something that requires a lot of manual work. Two or more shades of steel are placed against each other and then heated in a blacksmith’s oven. Then you have to alternate: hammering, heating, pounding, heating … And this until the layers form one and the same piece of steel. The steel is then folded in half and the operation resumes from the beginning. The different patterns are created by manipulating the hot steel block in different ways. Each blade is unique.

The amount of manual labor makes this Damascus steel pocket knives very expensive. As a rule, it is up to 10 times more expensive per centimeter than ‘normal’ steel. Add to that the finish of a damask steel blade that requires much more etching and polishing than standard steel. A Damascus knife is therefore much more expensive than a ‘normal’ knife.

Damask Steel Types

There are some big producers of Damascus steel pocket knives. The Swedish company Damascus steel for example. It is the only one to produce damask steel from two types of powdered steel. This steel is considered to be the best damask steel on the market with the best cutting edge retention. But the United States gets into the race: Chad Nichols is also known for his Damascus steel of very high quality.

There is also a difference between carbon and stainless damask steel. Stainless damask steel is much harder to create than carbon damask steel. The price of Damascus carbon steel is therefore often lower.

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