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Christmas Offer – 20% Off – Damascus Steel Hunting Knives

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As hunters often use their hunting knives, they are demanding on the performance of their knife. Their requirements vary according to the use they make of it. In all cases, the knife must have a good grip, for example with a hand print on the handle.

The choice of a blade in clip point or drop point is frequent. A handle where you can position your index finger behind the handle gives you even more control over your hunting knife. A hunting knife is designed to cut up game and slice into the flesh. Some people prefer folding hunting knives with fixed knives.

A Hunting Knife Has a Smooth Blade

A Damascus hunting knife must not have a serrated blade. The teeth of the blade tear the meat, the cut is not clear. Unacceptable for a hunter. Some hunting knives have a guthook (eviscerate hook). They are used to empty the game without damaging the viscera. The tip of the tip of a hunting knife is often rounded upward, so as not to reach the flesh.

Steels Of Hunting Knives

Hunting knives can be made of different types of steel. For their use, the type of steel used is not very important. You can choose for a harder steel that keeps its cutting edge longer, but also for a carbon steel whose sharpness can be easily maintained even though it is therefore more susceptible to rust. It is the preference of the user that takes precedence. The wide range of Damascus1 hunting knives offers the ideal solution for every hunter.

Protection Of The Hunting Knife

Pocket hunting knives are usually supplied with a sturdy leather or nylon holster that can be worn on a belt. In this way, it is always at hand and can be transported safely without risk of loss on the ground. Hunting knives must always be well cleaned after use and maintenance can be done with a sharpening stone or a Sharpmaker.

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