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Australian immigration point requirement 2019

Australian immigration point requirement 2018-2019

Eligibility to apply for the Australian PR will increase to 65 from 60 points.

Pass points increase from 60 to now 65 points for all 489, 189 and 190 visas submitted in response to an invitation granted after July 1, 2018.

The instrument works to establish a set and an approval mark of 65 for the “points” system for the following three kinds of visas in which an application is made as of July 1, 2018 in response to an invitation made by the Minister on July 1 or later. 2018:

  • A Qualified Visa – Independent (Permanent) (SI Class);
  • A qualified visa – Nominated (Permanent) (SN Class);
  • A specialized visa (regional enabled) (provisional) (class SP).

For these visas, the instrument establishes the set and the approval mark at 65 points. This approval mark reflects the high level of interest in qualified migration to Australia and the high caliber of potential applicants expressing interest in the qualified general migration program. This approval mark is consistent with the level established for the points test according to the 2.26AB regulation repealed, effective until July 1, 2013.

What does it mean for people who have a score of 65 or more and who do not?

It will not affect them in any way, since the number of applicants will remain the same, so it will not affect them. Others with a score of 60 or 55 can now request only Nominated Visa by the State (190) or Regional Provisional Visa (489) respectively. Anyone with a score lower than this needs to improve this score. The main factor that can affect your score is the language score, since this is the only thing that can be improved and is mainly in the hands of the applicants in most cases.

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Immigration in Australia: things you should know when claiming points

Do you have enough points? Have you claimed the right points? What points can you claim for your application? These are just some of the questions that most do-it-yourself applicants ask. Some of us think that the highest points we claim guarantee the approval of the visa. Very often, we are claiming points for which we are not eligible, which will result in a denial of your request.

With thousands of applications filed year after year, competition is becoming more difficult; We all want to stand out and claim the highest possible score. While you can prioritize requests with lower scores, you should keep in mind that you have enough verifiable back-up documents to prove the corresponding points you are claiming.

Below are the common mistakes we make when claiming points:

  1. Points for English

One of the most common mistakes that some of us make is that we use the general score when we claim points for the English language. The points of the English language are awarded taking into account the four components of IELTS: reading, listening, writing and speaking. For example, if you scored 8 in listening, writing and reading and 7 in oral expression, then you can only claim competent English (10 points) instead of higher English (20 points).

  1. Employment Points.

This part can be really difficult in several ways. First, you must determine if your occupation is on the list of qualified occupations. Once determined and without finding the exact occupation, know if your occupation is closely related, belonging to the same group of units. For example, the Web Administrator is in the group of units  ICT support technicians. All work experience claimed must be paid with verifiable back-up documents. Finally, you can only claim the points earned after you are considered qualified, usually after completing your degree or diploma, or case by case.

  1. Qualification points.

Academic preparation

Points are awarded only for the highest qualification of the applicant For example, if the applicant has a doctorate and a bachelor’s degree, the points will only be awarded for the doctorate. To earn points, any qualification must be related to the nominated occupation of the applicant and must be recognized as comparable to the Australian qualifications; This will generally be verified during the assessment of skills for the applicant’s nominated occupation.

Education                                                                                            Points

Doctor                                                                                                       20

Bachelor’s or master’s degree                                                               15

Australian diploma or business qualification                                      10

Award or qualification recognized by the evaluating                         10

authority in the evaluation of specialized occupation

Australian qualifications

Applicants receive 5 points if they completed an Australian qualification from an Australian educational institution. The qualification must have been obtained from an Australian institution while they were in Australia. The course of study must have lasted at least two years.

Australian qualifications points

Any degree, diploma or business qualification obtained in Australia after at least 2 years of study 5 points additional will be given to candidate.

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