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Australian Immigration Website – Who Can Give You Advice on Australian Immigration?


I have decided to uproot your family and move to Australia. You leave loved ones and the life you know behind you. You are venturing into the unknown – and you will spend a large part of your savings doing so.

Given all of this, who will approach advice on Australian immigration?

Should anyone be? The answer is “no” specific. No one can assess your chances of emigrating accurately. No one will be able to explain the risks you are facing. Anyone can take your money and disappear.

So who should you seek advice on Australian immigration?

Golden rule

When it comes to moving yourself and your family halfway all over the world to Australia, you should only deal with licensed agents registered with the MARA.

Only a licensed and registered agent is able to provide the full range of services you need for successful migration:

Explain the visa options available to you, evaluate your chances accurately and recommend a suitable visa option.

Record migration paths and write process.

Explain the risks involved.

Make sure you know your rights regarding complaints, invoices, and codes of conduct.

Prepare visa application documents.

The Lodge is a well-prepared application with all the required documents, which can make it easier and faster to get a decision from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (IDBP).

Contact DIPB or other organizations to discuss or ask questions about your request.

Now maybe ask yourself …

From here you can search for immigration agent by:

Work site;

Trade Name;

The name of the agent and / or

MARN registration number. All immigration agents fully licensed to Australia have a MARN.

You can also check the proxy status by searching for the MARN number on the website. It is mandatory for all registered immigration agents in Australia to display their MARN numbers clearly on their Australian Immigration website.

What does this mean? If you can not see the MARN number on the proxy site and you can not find the agent in the MARA record, do not use its services!

It is illegal for any Australian-based company or individual to advise you on Australian immigration or visa-related services if they are not registered.

Here’s what to look for when dealing with agents outside Australia – DIBP number.

But this is not what you think:

The DIBP number is often presented as a type of license or endorsement by the Australian authorities.


DIBP numbers are issued only for administrative purposes for companies and individuals outside of Australia. This number does not entitle the company or person offering you advice on Australian immigration website!

DIBP numbers expose you to significant risks

Many migrant workers have expressed concerns about the provision of DIBP numbers, as they present the public with significant risks. Here is an excerpt from the Australian Immigration News:

When will DIBP implement DIPP for unregistered practices? When DIBP will prevent vulnerable consumers from being deceived by DIBP’s “external identity”, which is submitted to unregistered agents, this identity is used to sell a range of immigration services to visa applicants Intended, not just for students.

The “external identity” is displayed as a certification tool by non-registered agents who seek to instill confidence and security in potential clients who may seek to migrate to Australia. The problem lies in that most potential customers do not realize yet that there is something like RMA in existence on the planet. We can thank OMARA and their expenses of US $ 0.00 for the announcement of the last fiscal year of this year. If migrants see a person with an identity card, they, like me, will automatically assume that the person is a government-approved immigration professional. Who knows what is being sold about these lies and lies to those who apply for an unwanted visa on how to obtain an “external identity”?

In short – do not deal with someone who has only a DIBP number. This person is not obliged to make qualifications, pursue professional development or demonstrate his experience and can not be held accountable. If there is an error during the migration process, there is likely to be very little you can do about it.

This is not where you stop searching for immigration agent though …

DIPB number

Your options when it comes to licensed and registered personnel

During your search, you will encounter these scenarios:

Companies that use the services of a consultant as an immigration agent.

Companies that use immigration agents, or owned or managed by immigration agents.

Which one should you choose for advice on Australian Immigration Points? In the end, the choice is yours, but let’s look at both scenarios:

The company that employs immigration agent as consultant

First, it is important to note that licensed Australian immigration agents are allowed to act as consultants to other companies and individuals.

Now that you know this, it is your responsibility to verify that the immigration agent is already licensed and registered.

This search will reveal the name of the licensed agent and must be clicked to see the working relationship between the agent and the company. The search results will be determined when the agent acts as a consultant.

Your search will also reveal whether the agent will manage his own business or participate in other business activities.

Now, you may want to go into a relationship between yourself and your agent and company. Ask the following questions from the company:

  • Who gives you advice?
  • Is it in written form?
  • What parties are your mandate?

Where does your money go – to the company or to the agent’s agent account? (It must always be a client account!).

On the other hand…

The company that employs, is owned or managed by licensed immigration agents

Here works immigration agent in your company. This means that you have a direct line for the agent. It also means that the agent is dedicated to the company and its customers; the interests and interests of the agent are not divided.

This direct relationship means:

You get advice on Australian immigration website directly from an immigration agent.

You will receive immigration advice in writing from the immigration agent.

The mandate of commissioning is between you and the authorized immigration agent.

Your money goes to the company or authorized immigration agent account.

The biggest take here? Accountability, accountability and accountability! When someone is responsible for their service, they are more likely to do their best job.

Of course you must also check the credentials of the licensed immigration agent before you take their advice on Australian immigration!

We do not ask for large payments from you or make false promises.

We begin by assessing whether there is a qualified visa option to obtain it.

Only if this result is positive, do we move to elements like Expression of Interest or IELTS and finally compile and submit your application.

Sounds familiar? Yes, you should. This is all we said earlier only the registered immigration agent can offer you – thoroughly assess your chances, recommend a suitable visa option, explain the risks involved, prepare and submit your application.

Internal Migration Agent

Do you need more reasons to ask us for Australian immigration website?

What about the fact that we are registered immigration agents have professional compensation insurance, which means that you can sue if our immigration agents made a mistake?


Immigration to Australia is a huge investment for you and your family, both emotionally and financially. You are not arrested as a client or false agents outside of Australia. You will risk too much and lose more!

Make sure that you are securing licensed and registered agent services for Australia. This way you will increase your chances of qualifying with the right professional help and guidance and with the utmost confidence of Immigration Australia.

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