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Where to begin?

First of all, choose the place where you want to set up the plant, there will be enough 10 × 10 feet store, you can have it in your house also, because this factory needs a place measuring only 6x5x4 feet.

  1. B) Get water in a place that should be between 125 feet and 150 feet minimum
  2. c) Bring us boring water and get a FREE LAB TEST, and the report will determine the exact price of the required plant, 4 varnishes, more or less


 1: Make a Gas Station

A gas station means “a place where people bring their empty bottles and fill them”, this gas station can be made in a store on the market or even in your home, and you also do not need empty bottles for this purpose, nor any brand and, as we already said, in this case you bear only 3 types of expenses

  • Electricity bill from 21,000 to 27,000 / month
  • The price of minerals and anti-scalants 12,000 rupees / month
  • Filter replacement 2000-2500 rupees / month

Best RO Plant in Pakistan can help you buy these bottles, under your own brand you can also sell this mineral water at a high price.

2: Make Your Brand

There are hundreds of construction projects in Pakistan only where people are faced with the problem of water supply from the very first day, water lines have not even been laid, while builders have built entire projects, and the plumbing is also helpless to supply them with water, and they buy it from dirty as well as very expensive rolls, they cost from @Rs 1 / = to 1/20 rupees per gallon if they pay regularly, while drilling water converted to mineral water costs from 20 to 30 paise per gallon if Residents of these projects receive only a few hours for the installation of the RO installation, they will receive high-quality mineral water at a very cheap price even for daily use throughout their lives and remember this mineral water used for bathing in a bank. Change their skin tone to natural fresh. You can only ask them about the place for this RO plant, and after the boring you install this plant and start selling them fresh, sweet mineral water cheaper than a tanker. With the price, we are sure that every trade union and builder will agree with this, and you will also be free from getting a place, filling, selling and many other troubles and will earn monthly rupees, just enter the supply of water for the production of your plant in their underground tank, and the meter will tell you how much water is sold.

How does RO Plant Pakistan help you?

  • Tips and tricks
  • Water testing
  • Demonstration
  • Affiliate offer

The mineral water business is so profitable that banks and leasing companies are very willing to offer you loans, but remember that the return or premium rates are very high, but even then, we are here to help you.

  • Help with registration

In this business you need 2 types of registration, and we will help you in both,

Registration of trademark and copyright.

In the case of branding, you must register your labels and correctly copy them so that no one copies your brand, and the fee is Rs. 10,000.

Along with our factory in Pakistan, we also provide you with training in the operation and maintenance of the plant.

  • Factory warranty for 1 year
  • Help in buying bottles
  • Demonstration
  • Help print labels

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