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HOW TO PERFORM UMRAH?-Umrah package uk


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The Arabic word “Heartar” is a basic name after UMRAH describes the meaning of the visit with Marh’s visit to the sacred place of MAKKAH. Without the days of Hajj, this visit can be taken at any time of the year. And when it is made in the holy month of Ramadan, his reward is equal to Hajj. Also known as a triumphal journey, the great Sunday of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and to perform this holy deed, we must learn how our prophet does the UMRAH. However, it should be borne in mind that no act of Ibadah is accepted only if the purpose is pure and the person who seeks only the face of Allah (SWT). Integrity is the first case, after you have discussed your UMRAH package, you should never think of the idea as a kind of tourism. Repeat that all your deeds must be according to Allah’s commandments and in accordance with Sunday. Here we will give you a brief overview of cultures and UMRAH.


UMRAH rites are only few and one of these rites is completed even in one day. View:

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  • Import of the condition of IHRAAM
  • TAWAAF of Ka’abah
  • Sa’yee
  • Shaving or blinking of hair


Under the above-mentioned words of UMRAH, the first of the IHRAAM and Tawaaba Ka’aba Fard festivals will be held and compulsory these two days for those planning to visit Mrah in Makkah.


Sa’yee with shaving or hair cut are the two cultures of Umjib. It is recommended to do these days of UMRAH, but your UMRAH is over when done by TAWAAF


The second practice of UMRAH’s commitment by the Ka’aba and pedestrians has to speak to MAKKAH completely about Talbiyah. After entering MAKKAH, pedestrians must travel quickly to Masjidul HARAM, and when they see the Khabah they must confirm their faith in the following three words: Allahu Akbar. Let LA ILLALLAAH. Also answer Salawat to our dear prophet and repeat it because it is a special opportunity to accept prayers. Before the commencement of Ka’aba TAWAAF, a person has to take a ride and move to the corner where Hajr Aswad is placed and start around Ka’aba. Make seven directions, start and end with dark stones. Note that if your TAWAAF is disturbed by compulsory prayer, it can be reviewed immediately upon completion of your mandatory SALAAT. After the last round, the passengers went to Maqaame Ibraheemi and gave a yaajib two-way. From there they went to Zam Zam water and drank a lot of water when they confronted KAABA. Multazam is the next step where travelers keep and ask the KAABA wall. Finally, the symptoms are carried out that indicate Hajrul Aswad’s destiny. Sa’ee-Seven  of Safa and Marwah The first route to the UMRAH is after the completion of the Sahara. After it is important for Saee and then the delegates who go to Safaa go to Ka’aba. Then they read Allaahu Akbar LAA ILAAHA ILLAHAHAHU and then run to the Marwah and complete seven circles in the same way. At the end of the end, pilgrims in UMRAH offer two ‘naked at Nawafil in Masjidul Haram and Sa’ee.

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