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We all know that tears and tears happen, but when they happen to the clear vinyl in your cheater or cabinet, it’s really a drag. Tears and tears usually occur when something sharp or heavy hits the vinyl or falls on it. Do not worry; it is a common and correctable problem. We’ll share with you two different methods of correcting your tear, patching it and replacing the vinyl so your transparent vinyl will be new in no time.

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Transparent Vinyl Patch

The fastest and cheapest way to fix a tear in your transparent vinyl is to fix it. Finally, we prefer to replace the window, but if you need a quick fix or just settle for a major makeover, a patch is a great option.

To fix the window, use Tear Aid Type B. These adhesive patches can be used to repair holes and tears in any vinyl or vinyl-coated application, so they are great for moving around the boat. Tear-Aid patches are durable, flexible and puncture resistant to protect against abrasion, moisture, salt water, UV rays and extreme temperatures. The patches are clear but do not completely disappear on your transparent vinyl.

How to repair a clear vinyl tear

Cut the patch so that it is one inch larger than the tear on all sides.

Then carefully peel off the paper lining and begin positioning the Tear Aid over the tear in the fabric.

Slowly peel off the coating while carefully applying the adhesive, taking care to eliminate any air bubbles.

Rub all edges to seal the sticker in place. If you can, we recommend correcting both sides of the tear.

Tear Aid Type B will need 24 hours to cure completely.

Placing the adhesive without air bubbles can be tricky, so don’t rush it. Helps to use a straight edge like the side of the credit card to soften the patch. If you end up with air bubbles, you can carefully pop them with a pin and work them flatter with your fingers.

Replacing Transparent Vinyl

The only real way to fix rip is to completely replace the window. This can be easily done without completely disassembling the screen work. Here we have a video that demonstrates the process of replacing the glass in a cheater window. You can use this same process on clear vinyl that has also become wavy, wrinkled or brittle.

How to replace a transparent vinyl window?

If necessary, tear the stitches so that the window is flat.

Cut a new piece of window material that fits the window, using the current window as the default.

Enough the new window to the old one inside the piece.

Sew the new window material in place.

Turn the part over and carefully cut the old window.

If you tore the seams in Step 1, carefully sew the area again.

That is all! You can find Tear Aid Type B and replacement clear vinyl at printcosmo.

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