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Comparison The 190, 189 And 489 Australian Work Visas


Skilled public migration is one of the most common ways to migrate to Australia. Within the skilled migration category, there are three major Australian work visas:

  • Independent skilled visa (sub-category 189)Skilled Qualification Visa (subclass 190)

  • Skilled Regional Visa (Temporary) (Sub-category 489)

  •            Compare today between these three visas so you know what accommodation each visa provides and what visa is right for you and what are the key criteria.

What type of accommodation does each visa offer?

Australian work visas offer either a way to stay, which means that your visa is the first step to obtaining permanent residence or permanent residence.
In the case of the three visas we are discussing today, independent skill visas and skilled candidates provide permanent residence. This means that once you have a visa, you are allowed to stay in Australia indefinitely.
A skilled (temporary) regional visa, on the other hand, is a way to stay. You are only allowed to stay for four years on this visa. For a permanent residence, you will need to qualify and apply for a skilled regional visa (sub-category 887).

What is the right visa for you?

Let’s start by saying that the information we share below should serve as a guideline only.
Applying for a valid visa is not as easy as reading one or two paragraphs before pursuing a visa application.
You should always assess your eligibility for a visa by a licensed immigration agent.

However, let’s take a look at each visa:

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Skilled independent visa (subclass 189)

An independent skilled visa is a visa based on points which is the right visa for you if:
You do not have a work offer; however
You have a relative to ensure you;
Want to work and live in Australia permanently.

Skilled Qualification Visa (subclass 190)

This visa also is based on points and aims at people who:
Have a required occupation in a particular country or territory;
You may not qualify for a skilled freelance visa;
Want to work and live in Australia permanently.

Skilled Regional Visa (Temporary) (Sub-category 489)

Such as visas 189 and 190, a skilled (regional) visa is a visa based on points. This visa may be yours if you:
Sponsored by a qualified relative who is usually resident in a designated area in Australia;
Nominated by a State or Territory Government.

What are the key criteria for each visa?

While Australian work visas share some basic requirements, the basic eligibility criteria for each visa are different:

australian-skilled-visas-criteria-and-requirements.png (694×525)

Eager to know more about these Australian work visas?

There is a page for each visa right here on our site, so you can head on over to the visa you’re interested in right away:

Skilled Independent visa

Skilled Nomination visa

Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa

Want to find out if you qualify for general skilled migration to Australia?

As we mentioned earlier, getting an assessment done is the only way to know if you’re eligible for the visa you’re interested in.

Our assessment is not only free of charge, it’s non obligatory too, meaning you don’t have to commit to working with us for your visa application at the end of the assessment.

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose!

For More Information : Australian Immigration Requirements

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