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Don’t fall victim to these 5 application development myths

Application development is simple – no one ever said. This is a myth. Like many other things that you may have heard about earlier about Custom application development agency Dubai UAE. Like everything else in this world, application development also has its own myths, and you better break them down before you start working with the application. So, let’s quickly move on to the most popular application development myths that can effectively ruin your business if you fall into their trap:

Run only when your application is perfect

Many people believe that your application should be absolutely flawless and loaded with all the important functions before launching it. Ideal is overrated, especially in applications. If you wait for the launch of your application when it is absolutely flawless, you may need to wait too long and lag behind competitors. In addition, you will end up spending a fortune.The truth is that you need to nail down MVP (the minimum viable product) and release it as soon as possible from a technical point of view. Once your application is truly in the hands of users, only then will you really know what works and what needs to be worked. Gather real user reviews and use them to improve your application and release updates.

Let your application grow. Working in isolation until you think your application is perfect may not produce a really good application. In fact, understanding how users interact with it is the only way to find out how to improve it.In addition, the creation of applications is expensive (we will return to this soon), so spending a fortune on creating a fully loaded multifunctional application can be risky. On the other hand, launching MVP is cheaper and actually opens the door to revenue, so that money can be used to improve the application.

Application development is too expensive / cheap

Yes, they are both myths, and they are both popular among different groups of people. So let’s take care of them one by one. If your business needs an application – which it probably does – but you put it off because you are afraid that it is too expensive, it’s not worth it. Yes, it costs a lot of money, I admit. But when everything is done well, the application ultimately makes more money and pays for itself several times in the long run. There are ways to control costs and develop applications on a budget. Thus, you should never deprive your business of an application just because of the fear that it will be too expensive.

If you are in a hurry to start developing applications and you get the impression that there are a lot of platforms that can create applications for free or at minimal cost, keep your horses, my friend. You also need to see before jumping. Of course, there are platforms, but not all of them guarantee a quality product. And a bad application will cost your business more than one. The promise of a free or too cheap application should not be the reason you rush into application development. You must carefully consider why you want the application, and then make sure that it is designed with the right plan and talented, experienced developers. Even if you use templates or platforms without code, you must do your research and ensure the right quality.

Created application means work done

Well, it could not be further from the truth. Making the application work is only half the work. To make the application work for your business, it takes a lot more effort before and after launch. You need to optimize the application for detection, promote the application, provide good grades, respond to reviews, release updates and fix bugs constantly. You need to get user reviews and enable them. You need to track analytics and identify trends, as well as identify areas that need improvement. You must ensure that your application grows and develops with users and their ever-changing preferences.

The application begins to pour money for the night

Well, not necessarily. Nothing happens in one night, unless you are Sarah and have become infected in one night. Most other applications need to make continuous efforts and persevere, as they will achieve their goals steadily, but perhaps slowly. Rome was not built in one day. So do not lose patience and, most importantly, do not lose heart when you do not achieve results instantly. Application economics is a complex environment for prosperity. Only 1% of all apps in the App Store generate 94% of total revenue. This is enough to tell you that the middle class in the application economy is small and declining. Therefore, you must count on long-term success and continue to do the right thing, including updating, promoting, and reinventing your application.

I want an application because everyone has it

This can be considered the worst myth of all. If you feel like creating an application just because it is the main hot spot these days, there is a possibility that your main driving force is the fear of missing out, and not a clearly defined business goal. Understand that developing an application requires a significant investment of time, money, and resources. Therefore, if you have not conducted a study and have not come to the conclusion that the application is the right solution for your business, think twice about making a commitment. Set realistic goals first, and then present your action plan. Only then can you give the application what you need and, in turn, achieve what you need with it.

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