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Family photo session: features and useful tips

Everyone knows the simple truth about how quickly children grow up … before you have time to look around, how a tiny little bundle of happiness turns into a restless peanut! And, of course, all the most important moments in the life of a child and his parents help to save photos. Therefore, in this article I will try to talk about the importance of family photo shoots and the features of such shooting.

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I approached the development of family photography with all seriousness and responsibility. Despite the fact that my first orders were, of course, from familiar couples, this did not give me any reason to forget for a second either the importance of this process or the competent construction of my work. Over time, I got a certain approach and experience.

So, about the concept of “family photo shoot.”

Here I will talk about shooting a family of at least three people. The preparation and conduct of filming for a family in which several generations are involved is much larger: grandparents and even great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers, and, of course, little children! The shooting, in which the children participate is full of their own characteristics and “pitfalls”! It is on this that I would like to dwell a little more. I started shooting children two years ago, I attended several workshops on shooting children and working with kids. It is important to know that each age has its own subtleties and features – this must be understood and taken into account when preparing for photography. I started taking pictures of children from the age of 3.5 months. My first shoot brought me great pleasure, of course, but also important discoveries!

For novice photographers taking their first steps in the direction of family photography, I would like to note several important points. For a child photo shoot or a family photo shoot with a small child, be patient. Sometimes filming with children can be pretty hard. After all, children have their own ideas about how the whole process should go, it is necessary to be able to adapt to their natural behavior. It is important to show your friendliness and gain confidence in the first stage of meeting a child, it takes time. These tips apply to children of any age, the main thing is to use them correctly. As for babies, at first glance, it seems that taking babies is much easier than older children (2-3 years and above). If the photographer knows the nuances of such a shooting and prepares for it correctly – it could well be so!)) Undoubtedly, for children under one year old, the best option for photographing is a house. Without unnecessary stress, in a familiar cozy atmosphere.

Toddlers are not allowed to take pictures with the flash, respectively, photography can be carried out only in natural light, for example, under light from a window. Therefore, you first need to ask about the availability of sufficient space at home and the amount of light entering the room. Sleep for children is important. It is imperative to clarify the child’s sleep and feeding regimen so that the baby is in a good mood at the photo shoot. In this regard, choose the best time for a photo shoot. It is important to be able to analyze your work, draw conclusions and avoid repeated mistakes in the work when shooting with children. The photographer must correctly convey all the necessary information to the parents: their behavior, responsibilities for the shooting.

For example, a small child can be frightened by a large number of strangers, an unfamiliar environment, but the most common mistake of parents in a situation where a child is capricious is to create noise from all sides to distract the child. As a rule, both mom and dad, and maybe sisters and friends who came to help, begin to simultaneously call the child in different directions, rattle rattles and so on … You need to understand, it is difficult for young children to concentrate in this case. If we talk about the photographer, in such a situation it is impossible to work. Therefore, in order to distract the child at the photo shoot from undesirable moods, you need to take some of his favorite toys and a rattle. Favorite toys will create an atmosphere of home comfort, the child will be able to feel among them more at ease. With your favorite toys you always get interesting, unforgettable shots!

Someone alone should distract the child so that the little child looks in one direction, and does not break between all his relatives who are too active. It is very important that the process itself is lively and enjoyable for all participants in the photo shoot! The optimal time for a child’s photo shoot is about two hours, taking into account the time from dating until the end of the photo shoot. But in working with kids I don’t set a strict time frame, even if the shooting itself lasts only 30-40 minutes, it’s important to first of all trust the child so that he feels free and not afraid of the camera, and in this case, even for such a short time, you can make beautiful, delicate, lively photos!    This is not the whole list of tips for shooting children, but the most important. If you are a beginner child photographer: consider these tips, practice, accumulate your experience, draw conclusions and improve in your direction!

For parents who want to get wonderful photos of their family, their baby, I suggest taking note: family shooting with a child is a very delicate process, only working together with a photographer can you achieve excellent results and enjoy beautiful photos of your family for many years! I really love family photography: spend time in a pleasant company, recharge with positive and observe happiness, love, and care. These are infinitely important moments!    I would like to wish that at least once a year, especially young families, update their photo album with new photos.

The logical result of each photo shoot for me is the creation of a photo book or mini-book . I do not know how to store memories better and more reliably. I keep photos from each shoot for a year, as a rule, during this period many still prefer electronic storage, in favor of a photo book. This can not but rejoice! A book is something that is always at hand. You can give a mini-book to your grandmother and grandfather.

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