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How often do electrical safety checks have to be carried out?

Every five years. For those who have recently had Landlords Electrical Certificate London carried out on their property and are in possession of a valid electrical installation safety certificate (EICR), they do not need to have further inspections carried out up to five years after the date of issue.

 What exactly is an EICR safety certificate?

An EICR safety certificate is an official document, just like the landlord’s gas safety certificate (formerly referred to as the CP12 certificate), which is produced after a property has been properly assessed and passed on by an qualified and competent electrician after an electrical installation. Condition report (EICR).

The reporting phase is designed to highlight problems that are not clear due to a visual check. An EICR inspection will inform the owner of defective work or errors and inform them of outdated safety standards if they are present.

Although there is no ‘failure’ in itself, because it is only a report, an EICR that is experiencing problems will be marked as ‘insufficient’ and require attention from the relevant landlord. Only when the problems mentioned in the report have been solved, an EICR safety certificate is issued, making the accommodation suitable for renting under the new legislation.

 Does it matter who performs an EICR?

Yes definitely. There is now a legal requirement for landlords (and rental agents) to take the necessary steps to ensure that the contractors they hire to perform inspections and tests are competent. If you think this sounds a bit vague, it is, but new guidelines will be developed so that landlords can make sure that they have hired someone who can.

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Obtaining a certificate of proficiency will be vital under the new rules because any lessor who does not comply with or violate the law will be fined a maximum of £ 30,000. Prohibiting orders will also be in the court’s arsenal for repeat offenders or individual cases that are serious enough to justify them.

 How are the mandatory electrical safety checks carried out?

The (MHCLG) has announced that they intend to gradually introduce the introduction of mandatory electrical safety controls for two years:

Year one affects all NEW private leases

Year two affects ALL private leases

When do mandatory electrical safety checks start?

As mentioned above, the implementation date was not made clear by (MHCLG), but it is a priority and their intention is to introduce the legislation as quickly as possible.

However, this is not very useful for landlords who want to plan ahead for future changes. Hopefully there will be clarification sooner rather than later.

 What do the experts say?

As reputable agents and members of the most important governing bodies in the industry such as ARLA and NALS, we naturally welcome the news. Even if it adds an extra layer of bureaucracy to the PRS, the safety of tenants must always be the first priority of both landlords and rental agents.

The importance of an electrical certificate for landlords

Electrical certificates for landlords are an important part of ensuring the safety of your tenants. It is recommended that you have a full electrical inspection performed every three to five years, depending on earlier inspection advice. As a landlord you are obliged to ensure that all electrical appliances and installations that you provide are safe with the EICR.

 You must ensure by law that:

  • All electrical installations (eg sockets and lighting fixtures) are safe when tenants move in and are kept in a safe state during the rental period
  • All electrical devices that you provide, e.g. stoves and boilers are safe and have (at least) the CE mark.
  • A periodic inspection and test is carried out every five years by a registered electrician (only legally required if the property is a house in multiple occupancy (HMO))

To meet all these requirements, a landlord must regularly perform basic safety checks to ensure that the electrical installation and devices are safe and working.


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