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How to wear bold prints at work

It’s so easy to get stuck into the same routine when shopping in women clothing for work wear. If we find ourselves avoiding certain colors or prints, it’s almost like our brains begin to automatically move our attention away from them completely. It becomes the safe option to always opt for black in everything and anything.

If you’ve been wearing more and more prints recently, but always make sure to keep your looks true to my style. People would describe their style as uncomplicated, so even when wearing bold, daring prints, it is important to keep it simple and easy.

If the thought of wearing bold prints sends shivers down your spine, don’t fear! It doesn’t have to be so scary. Here are a few easy tips to help style them for work (and the weekend too!)

Pair with a plain, block color

You can’t go wrong with black or white, but you can also pull a color from the pattern and pair it with that too. We’ve seen a few people really pull off the ‘clashing prints’ trend which is fun, but it would be too distracting for the workplace. Less definitely is more!

Layer over a muted base

Creams and nudes work really well as the base foundation to your outfit. They allow you to easily layer over a patterned piece without looking too much.

Style with a staple item

A short kurta dress, a pair of trousers, whatever it may be. Just keep it simple to not overshadow your statement piece.

Minimal accessories

Let your print do all the talking!


Think royalty for a while and we are sure that nothing could be better than this. With magical noir hue, it opens up a whole new regal world of fashion. Masterfully, adorned with embroidery and hand block prints, this dress sets your stance in just right proportion.  Drenched in glamour, style and grace, this dress features long chanderi jacket, embroidered palazzo and sleeveless kurta.

In the summer of 2019 women kurta online is one of the most surprising and probably also the most polarizing fashion trends of the season. They were a huge trend in 2018 and remain so in the summer season of 2019. From classic over colorful, oversized cut or with refined details – as many fashionable fashion looks as there have been up to now.

Other notable features are the finer details that are present in the prints, with iconography from everyday decors, including flora and fauna. Some of these prints are telling the vintage aesthetic that is present in floral prints from the mid-20th century, a nice break from the ultramodern prints we’ve seen in recent years. Another feature that breaks the monotony, the cuts and silhouettes that is present in this collection. Sharp corners to flared sleeves, flattering necklines to bold collars, and this collection plays with shape and fit and adds refreshing form to an equally exciting print line.

Your wardrobe is the perfect place to find together style and grace. Ladies, what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest store or shop online at for the latest summer trends.

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