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Immigration And Visas


Get information about visiting, working and learning in Australia, back to Australia and Australian citizens. Whatever your reason to come to Australia, you will need a valid Australian visa.


The Visa Finder does not provide full access to all the visa that may be available to you and make recommendations regarding visa relevant to you; also, does not guarantee or certify that you will be granted a visa, or a certain visa. The Visa Finder does not replace you with your judgment, making your inquiries and / or receiving personal advice regarding your eligibility in any visa. The Australian Commonwealth does not guarantee the accuracy, money or perfection of any information on the Visa Finder.

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The Australian Commonwealth has everything we produce. Everything presented on this website is provided under the Australian Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, except:

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Apart from the standard operating conditions of this website, using the Visa Finder information tool, you accept the following terms:

  • The Visa Finder is intended only to be used as an assistant tool to introduce basic information about visa entry options.
  • The Visa Finder shows information about visa entry options for applicants only. The Visa Finder does not allow the addition of two or more applicants and does not consider the displays shown. Adding applicants to your application for your visa application may affect your eligibility for visa grant.
  • The Visa Finder does not provide comprehensive access to any visa that may be available to individuals and no valid visa recommendations are made, or if a visa may be provided with the information provided.
  • The Visa Finder has no recommendation of any sub-class of visa applicable and there is no guarantee or guarantee that any person involved in any future visa application may be granted any visa.
  • Most visa subclasses have the eligibility criteria prescribed by law added to any information presented or used by the Visa Finder including, but not limited to, the health conditions and the characteristic of the character. Other qualifications apply directly to the transfer of visa computers. The Visa Finder does not make recommendations about which fitness criteria apply to your circumstances and does not guarantee whether you or other young applicants meet the eligibility criteria of any visa.
  • The Visa Finder uses age age groups to find suitable visa companies. These categories of groups are not very clear and are intended solely for targeting purposes. It is therefore not substitute for the age and age of each subclass for visa and / or broadcasting.
  • “Properties of passport” in many visa companies are determined by law and are subject to normal change. While the Visa Finder tries to introduce useful information, the relevant law is the only source of truth in other relevant visa passport subclasses.
  • Using Visa Finder is not responsible for executing your judgment, making your queries and / or getting personal advice about what visas might be in line with your circumstances.
  • The Australian Commonwealth does not guarantee the accuracy, money or perfection of any information on the Visa Finder. The Australian Commonwealth does not accept any responsibility or responsibility from or connected to the Visa Finder or any reliance on the Visa Finder, regardless of whether it is due to the neglect of the Commonwealth or its agents.

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