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Importance of AC Maintenance – For Residential & Semi-Commercial Air Conditioners

Air conditioners have a reputation for breakdowns in Lahore due to the dust and moisture that make the air conditioner dirty and clogged very quickly compared to other cities. The air conditioner will cool the room eliminating heat and humidity. However, due to high humidity levels, the air conditioner will work harder. Therefore, maintenance will ensure that the system operates efficiently
Proper maintenance plays an important role if you want to make sure that your life cycle is longer, which will also help reduce bills.

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Importance of an Air Filter:

The air filter has been one of the most neglected parts in an air conditioner. A clogged filter will reduce the air flow of your air conditioner, decreasing its overall cooling performance and leading to high electricity consumption. Cleaning the air filters can often improve the performance and prolong the life of the air conditioner.
In addition, energy costs can easily be reduced by up to 15% if the air filters are maintained regularly. In addition, cleaning the air filter will ensure that the air is clean and healthier. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the air filters twice during the cooling season. In Lahore, air filters should be inspected regularly due to moisture and dust.

Air Conditioner Condenser & Evaporator Coil:

In Karachi, the coils of the air conditioner can become clogged and dirty very quickly due to the effects of moisture, moisture and salt, which can result in corroded coils and eventually consumers have to replace the leaking coils. This can be easily avoided if regular maintenance is scheduled. In addition, cleaning the internal and external condenser coils will ensure that the heat transfer is not affected and that the system is operating at an optimum level.
Negative impact on the energy efficiency of an air conditioner:
It is extremely important that your air conditioners receive regular maintenance to ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency. The filter and the clogged / dirty coils will result in poor efficiency, which will also lead to high electricity bills. Therefore, it is very important to service your air conditioners twice a year to ensure the life cycle of the air conditioner. In addition, scheduled / regular maintenance will also help reduce electricity consumption by up to 20%.

Hiring a Certified Professional

It is very important that a professional inspect your air conditioners. A professional technician can diagnose the problem and solve it with air conditioning.
Our maintenance inspection checklist for CA reconditioning services includes:
• Remove the air filter.
• Check that the drain pan and the housing are clean.
• Check that there is no barrier to the flow of condensation water.
• Clean the dirt from the evaporator fins.
• Clean any barrier from the electrical parts of the indoor air flow.
• Check that the working amperage and the indoor fan motor voltage are normal.
• Check that the electrical connection is fixed or loose.
• To check the noise level.
• Clean the dirt from the fins of the condenser.
• Remove any barrier that inhibits the airflow of the outdoor fan motor.
• Check the noise and vibration level of the compressor in operation.
• Check that the load amp and compressor voltage are normal.
• Check that the electrical connection of the compressor is fixed or loose.
• Check the controller under normal working conditions.
• Check the refrigerant charge and inspect for leaks.
• Check the operation of the fan and the fan motor.
• Lubricates motors, bearings and other moving parts.
• Check the operation of the thermostat and other controls.
• Inspect the heat exchanger.
• Check the compressor oil level.
• Verify that there is no insulation from worn wiring, corroded terminals and tightening of the swords.
• Clean the surface of each fan blade and apply lubricant as needed.
• Check all pressure controls, safety controls, operation of the room temperature thermostat and the solenoid valve of the liquid line is completely closed.
• Protect external units from external elements and intrusions.

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