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Keys to being a perfect invitation in autumn with kurta shopping online

Not too cold or too hot … fall comes with thousands of original Kurti shoping online ideas based on off-season garments. And is that in krosskulture, very fans of this season. Therefore, in this post we bring you a rental cabinet full of new ideas and tips to be the perfect guest.

When the season breaks everything changes: we see extremely sober looks for weddings by day, and we cannot like more the guests who choose a Total Look in dark tones. As for the accessories, both in handbags or any type of accessory, the feathers, details of velvet and plummet prevail. Do you dare with everything we propose?

  1. 1. What colors will you dress?

Already in summer we saw the first brush strokes of the original caldera color, but now in the middle of autumn our looks go directly to this tonality. Sophisticated and elegant, although not always suitable for skin types (Warm to the girls of warm skins: you are the chosen group to not stop using this color! And that is that the earth tones and browns feel great!)

If you want a safe bet, we have the green bottle that combined with earth tones you will create a look very much in line with this season. You can also continue using the bougainvillea (we tell you a secret … it is the key that is rented among our clients! But it does not surprise us; it is a color that favors ALL kinds of skins)

And finally, our riskiest bet: passion red!  And if the look is MONOCOLOR we like it even more! Dress, headdress and shoes fascinate us more than original clients; if you are in the group of guests who dare with everything we encourage you to try them!

  1. Disturb the light and vaporous tissues

We know that steamy and light dresses you love (yes, we also fascinate us) but we have to know that these fabrics are only suitable for summer months. Now is the time to welcome materials with body and more armed.

This new season is presented with a romantic as well as a hippie touch, in which retro style fashion is going to be one of the great trends. So, if we have to look for dresses that set the trend, nothing like choosing a short or long model, with a clear retro inspiration and carrying some of the things we indicate here: Large or small flowers are flooded dresses by this trend. And is that in your wardrobe you cannot miss something with floral print because the flowers will give joy and color to your looks. We encourage you to dare with a dress that overflows spring; the floral prints are great and visually reduce the volume.

As you know, if you go to krosskulture’s stores you will find thousands of possible combinations, plus you will be advised by one of our stylists! Leave aside the burdens to choose outfit and do not hesitate, visit their stores online and leave all looks reserved for upcoming events!

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