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In fact, there are a dozen articles related to the 2019 mobile application development trends. Although we are almost mid-way through 2019, we are confident that we have already begun to follow these trends. even to adopt them in the process of Custom Application Development Agency Dubai UAE.

However, we believe that a quick overview of some key trends is always useful. Thus, with the Napollo professionals, we have developed the seven major mobile application development trends in 2019.

Custom Applications

AR and VR

In recent years, augmented reality has revolutionized the application development space, particularly in the entertainment and gaming industries. In 2019, the RA is expected to bring about a paradigm shift in areas such as health, engineering, retail, real estate, and so on. For example, interior designers with an application can give their customers a taste of what their living room will look like, without changing it in depth, thanks to AR tech. The designer and the customer will benefit because they will have a concrete idea of ​​the appearance of the room, without spending money.

Virtual reality is another trend that is catching on in the mobile application space. Previously, virtual reality was used only for simulation scenarios such as simulating the human body and simulating space. However, nowadays, VR is used in various companies. Scand’s mobile team has extensive expertise in the development of AR / VR applications for various industries: automotive, aerospace, education, health, marketing, retail, etc.

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Cloud Based Applications

With the technology and applications overloading the application stores, the challenge for developers is how to store them on smartphones while facing huge space constraints.

This issue has been resolved using cloud storage that allows you to store data without using the phone’s internal memory. Dropbox and Google Disk are examples of the most widely used cloud storage systems.

As experts have noted, the demand for cloud computing-based applications is growing in terms of data security. This is essential for customers who are worried about data breach. When cloud applications are used wisely, workers’ personal information is protected from threats.

Internet of Things

As you already know, a network of interconnected smart devices is called Internet of Things (IoT). IoT devices incorporate circuits, sensors and special software. This software must be used by mobile application developers to create applications.

Since 2016, the integration of IoT into our daily routine has increased significantly.

As the use of IoT devices and networks accelerates, the demand for functional applications will increase. The development team is following this trend and creating world-class IoT applications that meet all industry standards.

Instant Applications

The instant app is a relatively new Google technology that appeared in 2016. These apps can be used directly on the Google Play Store without the need to download the app. This helps users who are studying apps without taking up space on their smartphone. Although this is considered a new idea, instant applications offer users a simplified experience.


Mobile apps usually fail because of reduced speed, features, and other related errors. This is where APM – Application Performance Management or Application Performance Monitoring comes into play. APM is programmed to detect and diagnose complex application performance issues to maintain the expected level of service.

This feature was integrated with Google in 2016 to help apps eliminate issues and other issues that hindered the performance of their app.

APM is considered the most critical application performance metric that provides benefits to both application developers and testers. Higher performance means that users spend more time on the application that serves their purpose.

EMM: Enterprise Mobile Management applications enable enterprise employees to enhance overall execution by streamlining and adding business methods to the application. Employees can indeed do without tasks that compromise their work culture.

AMP and EMM will be the basis for progress as they will increase performance and provide a smooth user experience.

Blockchain in Mobile Apps

The inextricable link between Blockchain and cryptocurrency has allowed this technology to remain in the radar for some time. Today, sectors such as banking, finance and insurance intend to take advantage of it, mainly for security reasons. This technology is used in the banking sector for control, process and security purposes. If you intend to use the blockchain in your applications, you should consult the major mobile application development companies to see if you can use it on a wider range of services that you offer.

Artificial Intelligence

When you think of AI, the first applications that come to mind are Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Artificial intelligence applications are known to make life easier by supporting everyday tasks such as reading, writing, changing camera, setting reminders, and more.

As businesses witness a rapid increase in the popularity of these virtual assistants, they are eager to create similar applications in the form of chat bots and PDAs. As a leading mobile application developer who should not ignore these trends, it is also important to take aggressive steps to deliver such applications in the coming year.

Here! Seven mobile application development trends among Napollo professionals who have already caught fire in 2019.

Do not hesitate to contact us at Napollo Software Design for any question!

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