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Online Quran Teaching

International Islamic Quran Institute

We are an Online Quran Teaching Pakistan offer several courses of the Holy Quran to Muslims around the world. We are proud to offer the best online Quran education platform to Muslims who have no other way to learn the Book of Allah. All of our students take courses under the supervision of expert tutors who have the best teaching style. They are competent and know the correct pronunciation.

We offer course sessions through Skype and use traditional and modern methods. We try our best to offer you the best learning experience. Our teachers are available to teach students who live in different countries of the world: Eastern and Western countries.

Online Quran Teaching,

Our Expert Online Instructors

We teach online and we are considered the most reliable online Institute for Quran Studies. Our teaching is the form of online learning and we offer a variety of premium courses for Muslim students of all ages. All are certified by recognized institutes and allow children, adults and new Muslims from around the world to learn the Holy Book from home. The guardians include dedicated teachers of the Quran, both men and women, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

International Tutoring

Our Academy offers world class Quranic education using the latest technologies. We support students from all over the world with the team of online tutors available to students living all over the world.

In our education system, we cover different places in the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, etc. If you live in Western countries and are looking for an Islamic education online, we would be better for you. Everyone can now learn at home.

Find an Expert in Quranic Education

Finding an expert instructor is no more difficult now. Our Quranic Education Academy is here to help you provide clear advice and support. We have carefully selected instructors and we have chosen them for their vast knowledge and extensive teaching experience.

Whether you study Qaida, Hifz, translation or Tafseer, you need advice and our team is here to help. They are well trained to teach and are the ideal partner to help you with your studies.

The Quran is not so easy to understand. Reading the Quran requires following some important rules. Our coaches teach these important rules so that students can remember and apply reading. No one can understand these basic rules without a guide, so everyone turns to the instructors. Learning can be complicated if you don’t have the right instructors. Whether you need to learn to recite or memorize, our tutors are here to help you.

As we are an online tutoring center for the Quran, we have the best coaches and you can choose your learning from the Quran.

Reasonable Expenses

We offer different study plans / programs and the rates for each plan vary according to your needs. Students can choose their plan by completing the form at the end of the site, as well as through contact or side pages. Rates vary based on student location.

Our international tutoring offers the following benefits:

No problems: international students enjoy Quran sessions without problems with us. They do not need to travel or go anywhere.

Adapted: students can easily hire instructors who can meet their needs at the desired level.

Professional: Best Online Quran Classes only has qualified, experienced and trained tutors. This is because we are passionate about spreading the knowledge of the Quran throughout the world.

Students do not have to worry about Quranic education due to distance. Despite the distance problems, students may feel excited when we offer them the online environment. Parents can also choose us for their children to learn the Quran at home because we affirm that it is a very reasonable and satisfying place for them. Our courses are very valuable for students from all over the world. Our institute offers a wide range of programs internationally with flexibility in each course. Let us give you the opportunity to mold your life according to Islam.

Education for Children and Adults

Our programs to teach the Quran to children and adults. Trainers have good practices in managing children in an online environment. We organize special classes for children and provide them with separate lectures. Online Quran Classes for Kids is of the best quality because we offer special training to our teachers to help them and improve their performance.

Our teaching method helps students learn more effectively. Our goal is to be a source for learning Quranic childhood on the Internet. We are teachers and welcome students from all over the world. We all believe that every child is different. The speed of learning also varies from child to child. Therefore, we believe that every child deserves a good and personal education.

Student Motivation

Islamic and Quranic education for your child is one of your main concerns. Is also our concern. Without proper teaching, effective learning cannot occur. Online Quran sessions allow students to learn about the safety of their homes. We let parents participate in their education. Parents can see their children take a line in front of them. It is very important that children have access to the Internet during their classes.

So our coaches continue to motivate them to increase their level of interest. Your child can now learn Islam in a new and modern way. Just like online courses for kids, we also offer Quranic education for adults. Many people have great family responsibilities. These responsibilities include both spouses, children, or both. This means that they have a much lower and shorter timetable for lecture at Quran sessions.

It is not easy for them to attend a training course while having family obligations and work. We welcome professionals who work.

Start Learning with Us

There are many reasons why you start teaching the Quran with us.

Reliable ,We are a reputable institute offering reliable education to Muslims. Many students are afraid to learn with us effectively. The simple answer is yes. Fortunately, we have hundreds of satisfied students from all over the world.

Our Academy is reliable because our teachers are ready to guide you every step of the way to success in your course and achieve your goals. We also support optimization initiatives to compete with other organizations. We also consider teacher performance a very important factor in improving our services.

Our academic benefits


When searching for the right online institute to continue Quranic education, students consider an important factor of affordability. We offer high quality learning at a reasonable price. Our approach

Quran Online Academy is committed to supporting home learning. Students are eligible to complete a variety of programs with flexible schedules and self-selected trainers. Students do not have to be in an institution to take lessons. The e-learning model allows students to continue their daily activities and responsibilities while learning with us online.

Our approach includes:

  • Flexibility to adapt to your busy life.
  • Live lessons, no pre-registered courses.
  • Engaging the online environment.
  • Free trail to help you choose us
  • You can take Quran online education for free as a test conference. At our center, you can attend 4-day Quran / Al-Qaida test conferences.

Why Quran lessons online?

You must have read the Quranic verses about education. The Qur’an focuses on education and knowledge of the Book of Allah is the most important knowledge in this world. In the modern world, people are very busy and parents are also struggling to get a good education for their children. But we are here to offer them practical Quran lessons online.

Our mission is to spread the light of the Quran in all regions of the world and we have dedicated our lives to this noble cause and welcome you to Best Online Quran Classes. Join our online platform because we are the best platform for online learning among others.

Safe learning environment

Our institute offers learning at home so that students, especially children and girls, learn in a safe atmosphere. Students learn in front of their parents, women and girls that teachers learn. This installation allows students to continue learning with peace of mind.

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