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Precautions While Going to Umrah

Most people take the Umrah for the first time from England and do not know what they need to do. To help the Islamic pilgrimage to all my brothers and sisters, I have prepared a simple checklist for all who intend to do Umrah for the first time. This checklist is also very useful for pilgrimages that precede the Umrah, but this time, you want to prepare them well. If you go with your family, you can share your stuff with them. Reduces your luggage sharing options and allows you to travel easily.

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Let me explain some things that what to take for Umrah?

  • Cleanliness is half of faith. Keep soap, dusting powder and shampoo with you, but remember it must be fragrance free.
  • To clean your teeth, bring tooth paste and tooth brush.
  • To comb your hair, do not forget to take hairbrush with you.
  • Have a clutch to keep money.

To wear men, shirts, pants, sallor and underwear for your Umrah trip is enough. Purchase an extra item. For women, Salari Ghaem, dress and suits are enough.

Take an Umrah Guide

If necessary, send your letter, but if you want to buy it, you can also buy a little money. Purchase the Umrah Guide from your local bookstore. However, make sure it’s written in a plain language that you can understand. Put shoes, slippers and sandals that you use in everyday routine. You need to feel comfortable. Make sure you have a cell phone with an alarm clock and a proper setting for your phone.

As a precautionary measure during the first Umrah visit, it is best to use all the most commonly used medications for you for colds, sore throats, headaches, pain, etc., such as Panadol, Disprin, Killer Pain, Ponstan, a mild plasticizer for the wound. And other antibiotics.

While you are there and going out, do not forget to carry a bottle of water or a water with you. Saudi Arabia is a desert and can be warm even in the winter even in the winter. You eat healthy food and keep your healthy food safe with a healthy fruit and vegetable. If there is winter, you will wear winter clothes such as vests, blankets and shawl. Each time you go, the daily requirements are the items in your handbag tradition, such as mirrors, needles, thread, scissors, hair oil, nail cutters, tasbeeh, odorless creams, and so on.

Towel is also an important thing to deal with. Also, keep sunglasses in the summer. Press the daily items like a plate, dish, bowl, spoon and so on and iron for your clothes.

Last but not least, keep an extra set of glasses if you cover it and your eyesight is weak.

For hand baggage, choose a bag with a maximum dimension of 5 kg and dimensions of H 56 cm, 45 cm wide and 25 cm D. Note that each visitor has a black suitcase, so try to attach a black one or a flotsnet / tag / ribbon bar so that it is easy to recognize.These are the ones that are only suggested, but not everyone needs to put you in Umrah. Separately pick and choose what you feel. Do not forget to pack bags of piety, patience and best behavior / behavior. You want God’s guest in his home.

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