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Ready-mixed concrete

The BPE offers 1800 power plants spread all over the territory, making it possible to have a power plant within a radius of less than one hour’s drive from any construction site in France. The flow of the power stations is between 40 and 150 m3 per hour. BPE power plants deliver concrete conforming to the NF EN 206 / cn standard, especially concrete with specific properties (BPS).
Advantages of the BPE

Among the advantages brought by the manufacture of concrete in BPE plant, it must be emphasized:

Technical benefits: Depending on site requirements, the BPE can develop and deliver the most suitable concretes, the characteristics of which are monitored through laboratory controls. These checks also make it possible to ensure the conformity of the constituents. The very advanced automation of the plants and the precision of the dosages and the production controls contribute to the regularity and the quality of the products delivered.
Benefits: The BPE avoids the heavy handling required to load concrete mixers on construction sites.
Economic benefits: The BPE avoids the immobilization of stocks on the site. Punctual deliveries and short lead times improve worksite productivity.
Simplification of the organization of the construction site: The handling of constituents is suppressed, the variations of concreting rates are better absorbed thanks to the flexibility of the deliveries of the concrete. The footprint of the sites is reduced.
Services: The delivery is made by adapted trucks, for quantities corresponding strictly to the needs. Pumps or trucks equipped with mats make it easy to put concrete in place
Laboratory: The laboratory of the power station makes it possible to carry out the tests on the raw materials and on the concretes in the fresh or hardened state. It is the guarantee of the follow-up of the fabrications for the user; the results of the usual checks can be provided to the customers. Additional checks, or tests for a preliminary study of concrete can be made on demand.

Manufacture of concrete in BPE power plant

Ready mix concrete plants (BPE) manufacture the concrete industrially to ensure the quality of the final product. At all stages of manufacture, equipment is designed to ensure automated and reliable production.

The storage of different types of cement is done in silos that can hold from 25 to 100 tons. There are at least two silos per plant. Aggregates are stored by category to avoid mixing.
The manufacture of the BPE requires precise weighing of aggregates, sand and cement using flip-flops. The weight dosage of aggregates and cement reaches an accuracy of the order of 2 to 3%. After determining the water content of aggregates and suspended solids in the case of using recirculating water using electronic probes, the makeup water is dosed equally. The various components of the concrete are introduced into a mixer that performs dry pre-mixing aggregates and cement, then the water and the adjuvants are then incorporated. The mixing of the constituents in stationary mixers is a guarantee of regularity of the concretes. The mixers are generally vertical axis, which ensures effective mixing constituents; the mix is ​​poured directly into the delivery trucks. All these automated operations are performed from a computerized control station that contains several hundred pre-recorded concrete formulas. The operator selects the composition programmed in the memory of the computer and records the volume to be manufactured; the dosages and mixing are then done automatically.

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Particular attention is paid to respect for the environment: water settling basin, recycling of wastewater, dust control, zero discharge.

This brand provides the guarantee that:

the producer implements a quality assurance system and verifies by means of tests on constituents and concretes the respect of standardized characteristics
the quality assurance system of the producer and his self-checking are checked.

Concrete routing

During all concrete transport operations, the risk of segregation and protection of concrete should be avoided to prevent evaporation of water or washing during rainy weather.

The cumulative time of transport, unloading and placement of the concrete must be limited to 1h30 maximum.

It must be modulated according to the ambient conditions of temperature, hygrometry or wind. The risk is in part.For

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