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Still confused about Ac?

Know The Best Air Conditioning Solutions For Your Apartment

We know how difficult is to buy an air conditioner

Many questions have come to your mind when looking for an air conditioning solution in your apartment, such as: what type of air conditioning works best for the room?

How much should you spend? What is the best company to join?

Air Conditioning Solutions For Apartments

With Google within reach, finding information on the internet has never been easier.

You have spent a lot of time on your own research into AC.By searching like 1.5 Ton Inverter AC Price In Pakistan. You’ve read all about it online and maybe even talked to different companies about what kind of services they can offer. And yet it is all still a bit unclear.

We can’t really blame you because there is a lot to take and there is a huge range of different AC products in the market that offer air conditioning solutions for apartment buildings and more.

But we helps you to choose  which one is right for you, and do these companies really offer you what you actually need?

Fair Advice

We live and breathe air conditioning, so let us help for you.

We are proud to provide good, honest advice. Whether it benefits us in the long run or not, that’s what we do, and it’s how we sleep well at night.

Knowing that we have helped you find the best air conditioning solution in your apartment, the goal of the game here is.

We can quickly identify exactly what is possible in your circumstances, what you actually need, where everything should go, and more importantly, what kind of budget you are looking at.

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Portable Air Conditioning Units

If you live in a small room, you may only need a simple portable unit.

These units are inexpensive and can be easily installed in a single room that requires cooling.

These units are connected to a standard electrical outlet and can usually cool a small room.

There is no disruptive installation process with a portable unit, but they can take up much-needed space in the room that you are cooling. Moreover, they are noisy and do not merge with their environment.

Most importantly, since a portable unit must be vented to the outside, a window must be opened to remove the hot air at all times.

This is not ideal if you live in a ground floor apartment and have to keep windows closed for security reasons.

By The Wall Air Conditioning

Alternatively, it is best to opt for a wall-mounted unit designed to provide air-conditioned spaces to small spaces.

These units must be mounted on an internal wall facing outwards.

They require holes in the outer building, so if you live in a listed building or have strict planning permissions, this option is unlikely to be allowed.

Conventional Air Conditioning

The same can be said for conventional air conditioning.

These are the best solutions if you can have an external condenser on a wall, roof or terrace.

However, most apartment blocks do not allow this, because management and planning permissions are required to place the external condenser outside.

Although these units are cheaper than fully internal solutions, they may not necessarily be more cost-effective in the long term if other factors such as scaffolding, pipe length and future maintenance access are considered.

Internal Air Conditioning

In most cases, you have probably already considered the options above to hear that you should not use conventional air conditioning.

That is why our fully internal air conditioning solutions for apartments are the ideal solution.

A fully internal air conditioning solution offers exactly the same quality and no compromise performance as a conventional system without the need for an outside condenser.

The difference is that it is completely included in your property, making external penetrations, permissions and planning permits unnecessary, which means that getting air conditioning can sometimes be a major headache and cost.

If you want to condition a finished apartment, these systems ensure minimal or no disruption or refurbishment.

 How they work

General Pakistan internal systems have two components: a wall bracket and a condenser box. The wall unit is mounted in the room that you would like to have cool.

That unit is connected to a condenser located in a hidden place in your flat, such as a utility room or boiler room. These two units are connected to cooling pipes that can be hidden in cavity walls or in the ceiling.

The system works exactly the same as a conventional system with an external condenser. The only difference is that an external condenser uses the air outside to dissipate the heat.

With an internal condenser, the only way to remove the heat is to use cold tap water connected to the concealed condenser to dissipate only the heat.

Everything is done internally within your home without you having to worry about an external box, making it the ideal option for apartment owners.

Whatever air conditioning product you need, we guide you every step of the way to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

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