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Take These 3 Steps Before Your Seo Expert Ruins Your Website Completely

The global digital network reported that small business owners (SBO), as part of their digital marketing strategies, have planned to budget 38% for social network management, 30% for search engines and optimization (SEO) and digital ads, and 24% for the website analysis in 2018. For the purpose of this publication, however, the emphasis will be on SEO. Because, apart from SEO being a powerful digital marketing tool and given that 93% of online experiences start with the search engine, SEO, when done correctly, can also help you achieve your main marketing goals. . (According to the 2018 Infusion Soft report, 31% of respondents said they would like to boost sales, while 25% said they prioritized retaining and getting their customers involved again.) Now, while 47% of small business owners manage marketing efforts on their own, there is this 14% that outsources their marketing, public relations and advertising.

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So, if you are one of the 14 percentiles that outsource your marketing and, coincidentally, the part of your marketing that outsources is the SEO of your website, if you will be honest, there have been some occasions when your SEO expert (or whoever SEO manager for your website) almost invoked an Armageddon. Like when you turned from page 5 to forget the page. Or maybe not exactly, rankings increased from page 3 to page 2, but the effect was not felt, because more than 75% of users do not go beyond the first page.

Step 1: Ask Who Is In Charge Of Your SEO What They Have Been Doing

It is not an exact science. Whenever something goes wrong with your website (visibility problems or ability to discover, classification problems or even “conversion-related concerns”), the first person you should contact is the person in charge of your SEO. And it doesn’t matter if you’re paying more or less. The fact is that you are paying them (or have paid them) for the work they are doing. Therefore, they are accountable to you.The point is that your traffic may not be the only concern you will have at a given time. You may also notice that your backlink profile contains some suspicious links. Or, on other occasions, you may even want to know the SEO strategies in use: if they can, in fact, get you to qualify or if they will eventually win a Google penalty on your website.

Despite your many concerns, if you are still paying the SEO consultant, they will respond. Ask them specifically what they have been doing that is getting worse on your company’s website. Keep in mind, however, that your SEO specialists should not always get hit. I mean, they may not be the cause of the fall in their rankings, as it could have been caused by other external factors such as search engine updates (Google is known for this) or maybe when a competitor intensifies his game (a competitor who started using paid advertising).

However, this may happen if your SEO expert has made significant changes to your website or website properties such as landing pages, meta tags, content. Anyway, even when the problem is caused by external factors such as Google updates, while your SEO guy or woman may not know (because Google sometimes makes changes to its algorithm without noise), they should be able to detail you specifically ( no performance details) trackable tasks (think of link building, content creation, content promotion, social networks or search advertising, etc.) that you have been doing so far.

Step 2: Run Your SEO Consultant If Necessary

Your SEO consultant who avoids or answers any problems you may encounter with your website; the general consensus or popular model that can be obtained from the feedback of experts in the SEO community where you may have shared their reports; if their work does not give you a definite conclusion, the two of you agree or show signs of getting you closer; and / or the audit of the new SEO guy who says that the SEO team doesn’t actually follow or manipulate SEO best practices can only mean one thing: they’re fired!

Because most SEO is on a conservative basis, usually 6, 12 months. Choose six months for beginners and even let your SEO specialist be aware if you don’t see any signs of improvement over a period of time (I’d say three months, but I’m lucky if they start collecting in a month or two) and you’re free from any obligations to them regardless of the contract. It means. This way, you can make your decision based on what works and what doesn’t work for your business.

Step 3: Get A Report Of Your Website’s Current Status

The severity of the activity that will cause problems with your website and feedback you can collect will report your next transaction. Usually, the best step would be to work with another SEO expert who will help you check your website and give you details of the situation (this is assuming that your current SEO expert doesn’t have a convincing explanation for the problem you’re raising, or in a popular community comment did you notice the trend). The interesting thing about getting input from an affiliate SEO community is that you are educated about your problems, as well as volunteering to check your website for free or for a low fee (one, two or more?).

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