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Take These Steps Before Your Seo Expert Ruins Your Website Completely

Step # 1: Take Your Time And Upgrade Your SEO Knowledge

When entering into another agreement with a new SEO team, you will need a clear head and a sharp mind. I recommend you to relax a little because you’re just out of a bad SEO experience. In the meantime, I recommend that you start learning about SEO. For this simple reason…

The reason you left the old SEO agency, company or freelance employee was that you had observed that they took you on a stroll, given your lack of SEO knowledge, but I don’t know these new guys, but what makes them different?

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It is usually said when bitten once twice shy. Here is your business website.

To protect your online business and reputation and to avoid being hunted by starving SEOs…

  • Have knowledge of qualifications that identify pro SEOs from mediocre colleagues;
  • Be informed about the best practices that major search engines are party to;
  • Assuming that something really went wrong, you should know why and what to do.

Needless to say, this information will come from your deliberate efforts to know how SEO works. To be honest, it can be difficult at first – especially for a founder or business owner who has nothing to do with bot rankings or is completely bored. But I dare say that the time and effort spent on investment is worth it.

Step # 2: Be Responsible For Your Website’s SEO (If You Can And If Needed) Or Get Help

As SEO learning is suggested to you, it is no longer enough to make you think that you are an expert who needs to manage the SEO of your business. That’s why it comes with a BIG alert and emphasis to make – check your SEO for your business only if you can and if you need to! To be realistic with you, there is a limit to what you can (and should!) Do as a newcomer to SEO. It may still be unnecessary, but you should know that some Google employees here and there won’t employ you at the expert level.

Despite these promise and limitations, you can still handle some aspect of SEO in your business. Google is sworn in by a fast-loading, useful and authoritative website. (Even better, if you make these contents relevant to the brand). It also recommends page optimization to ensure that their bots understand the content on a page and rank it by matching search queries. You may want to start here. This is not a technique or above and above. You can then leave the URL of your website to Google Page Speed   Insight or other similar tools; Make suggestions that you can sell your head around, and please tell your webmaster for suggestions you can’t. Comes to publish useful, engaging and actionable content for your users. This does not require a letter. Or is it?

And your business is about what you should do when it comes to SEO of your website (unless you are highly qualified). These exploits seem too cheap to make any difference, yet they are strong. And effective.

If done correctly, they can:

  • Earn editorial links
  • Increase your ranking
  • Increase visibility and access to your website
  • Create more product awareness
  • Help generate more traffic
  • Increase your potential customers and customers
  • Increase sales

However, remember that if you are in a very competitive niche – your money will know your keywords by Cost-per-Click (CPC) – doing the usual things as highlighted above may not work or work effectively as you wish. This is when you need a hand. A talented hand. It is recommended that you be very familiar with whoever takes over your business’s SEO (verify this before submitting your website). Ask for reference if necessary. Or, if it makes sense, make sure that the expectations are discussed and concluded.

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