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Tips: When Ordering Custom Boxes For Your Promotional Marketing Needs

Many companies order custom boxes to give information about new products, bundles, CDs / DVDs and other electronic media, or an option for brochures, pocket folders, and folders. This article will help you understand your vast options when requesting custom boxes.

Some typical types of boxes are:

  • Stripes
  • Plastic
  • Turn the edge
  • Set the boxes
  • Aluminium
  • SBS
  • Wood

Most people made with cartons shipped from the C-flute (or Craft) corrugated board. Considering a C-flute corrugated side cut, you’ll notice it is very wide and thick. Good for shipping, but good for accepting the type of graphics needed to sell the product.

The E-flute breaker is only 1/16 “thick and is much weaker than the sulfate mentioned above. For some requirements, a F-flute or B-flute corrugated can be used. The F-flute is very thin (even Thinner than E-Flute) and used for tiny boxes or boxes requiring a sophisticated cutting. Surprisingly, the flute B is less than the flute C, but is thicker than the flute E. Flute B is about 1/8 “is thick and used for heavier weight projects:

  • Corrugated board is usually packaged by the mill and is defined by color. Brown, Oyster White, White.
  • White is the most expensive board and is most sought after graphic use.
  • Compounds are available, with a special order. Oyster over Kraft or Bleached over Craft. Typically part of the corrugated board is Kraft.

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Corrugated Decoration

Litho lam: Many customers prefer their cartoon boxes, graphics printed on 80 # lithium paper, which can be film, laminated and mounted to the ripple. Printing laminate seal film and allows the hinge box to bend without bending. The sticker is attached to the corrugated board before cutting the wood. Film lamination can either be shiny or opaque (also called thin film). A label can be used inside or outside the box (also called the bush) . The label usually covers the whole box.

Flexo Printing: Imagine a huge rubber seal and you now have a good idea of flexo printing. If the graphic of the complex 4-color process is not required, Flexo printing may be an alternative to review. Because Flexo Printing is not complicated, you can only expect a 65-line quality. It dramatically differs from the 150-screen line’s usual line-of-print (sticker) printing. Flexo printer is the most cost effective, flood cover (overall coating) color. Printing printed pages can be used to put colors on the board. However, if a graphic or type is required to reverse the solid field or if you want to have a positive or positive graphic, a custom print page must be created. Flexo pages cost per square inch. Graphics or more are more expensive.

Silk screen: For very small amounts of expensive flexo pages, silk screening can be a cost-effective alternative. Modern technology has shown offset printing as nearly as sharply as possible. We start with our artwork on a computer disk or a nice black and white copy. A positive film is made of art and the screen is embedded with emulsion. Screen and artwork (in a positive film) are exposed to light for a few minutes. Black and white artwork blocks emulsion from hardening. The positive film is removed from the screen and the display is washed with high speed water spray. The emulsion, in which the artwork was washed, leaves a piece of artwork on the screen. The screen is connected to a press and pushes a trash can for special colors through the plate onto the material for the box itself.

Silkscreen printing hands are mixed to get close to a specific color, but this is not an exact science. We have a lot of different colored materials on the silk screen and a colorful colored game that varies in non-white colors.

Change the edges box and set the boxes: While corrugated boxes contain “raw edges” in which you can see the reel, they change the edges, since the boards covered Is located. Instead of using a striped board, we use different weights of the chip board. In small quantities, these boxes are made by hand. In high quantities, box machines are used. Edge boxes cost more complex pocket boxes, but look more closely at it. Since the chip board is used, these boxes tend to weigh over the equivalent reel box. Boxes arranged in the handle of the edges of the box. These boxes are usually referred to as gift boxes and jewelry boxes. They make both edges, and boxes can be made in various coatings, laminated paper, linen fabrics, stocked fantasy papers.

Plastic boxes:

Plastic boxes are generally available in inject able plastics or sheeting sheets. Injection molding boxes tend to use custom tools to measure and custom sizes are not expensive and difficult to decorate. Most of our discussion is about turning plastic sheets into boxes.

The most commonly used plastic sheets are polyethylene and polypropylene. Both of these materials can be made to make boxes with tick tabs or can be welded audio. Sonic welded boxes to the customer are already being assembled. Box Tuck Boxes can be flattened and assembled by the customer. Both materials begin with different thicknesses, which start from 16 measurements and reach up to 75 degrees. The most popular thicknesses are 35 and 55 for polyethylene and 30 for gauges and 55 for polypropylene.

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Polyethylene is farther away than polypropylene and is available in a variety of stock and natural colors (Bright Milk). Polypropylene is sometimes preferred by customers looking for clear boxes, because it can be narrowed down. Polypropylene tends to be more expensive than polyethylene, and it tends to show a scratch and sign with it. For this reason, polypropylene is hidden on one or both sides with a matte or scratch lines. Erasing polypropylene can also appear in color.

As boxes made of plastic start as flat sheets they are relatively easy to decorate.

Plastic decoration:

Silk screening is the most commonly used technique in polyethylene and polypropylene. Both of these materials have very flat and non-porous surfaces, ideal for screening silk. With modern screening techniques, a wide range of half-ton, graduation screen and trend printing can be done at an affordable price. Small and medium sized products with sophisticated printing will transfer themselves to silk screening. Learn more about silk screening.

Litho printing (offset) can be done on lighter sensors of the material in more quantities. In this case, you start with a white bed. Quality can be equally covered in paper stocks.

Hot Stamp: This is a single color transfer (usually silver or gold) that can be attached to a plastic roll on the poly metal using a hot metal matrix. The bar is made of its own artwork and is connected to a query machine. A color foil on the roll is transmitted to the mine as a material of its own art. The number of square candles used for pricing is recommended. Compare the width of the width with the height of the print area for the square inch of leaf. Often you might want to combine several decoration techniques, such as silk screening and stamping.

Aluminum boxes: The relatively new options are boxes made of aluminum or a combination of aluminum and acrylic panels. The box can be made in the style of a box-top, two pieces made in the style of the box or as a CD / DVD box. Many customers chose silk screen decoration on their boxes, but more exciting options such as laser echo, anodized and powder coating are also available.

SBS box or paper:

Paper box options can fill a manual. Package sales have made many choices for customers. Often, we take 20 to 24 SBS points (single monofilament sulfite), whiteboard, lactometer printing, and slam film before cutting the mold to a variety of products. Popular VHS sleeves and boxes, totes, product sample boxes, CDs and mailers marketing are called several options.

Wood boxes: When a particular elegance is needed, wood boxes fit this bill. From the very varnished cigar box to the wooden box finished.

Hope this will blur the custom boxes for marketing. This can be a relatively complicated process, but it does not drown, there are organizations to help you.

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