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Custom packaging boxes is a type of packaging with custom printing, custom size, custom cardboard material or even a custom style. It allows you to pack your products correctly, improve the visibility of your brand. Custom Packaging Boxes is not just one thing to print your box, but it is related to the creative idea of ​​its graphic designers, the experience of its packaging suppliers and the latest thing you understand about your industry and market. There are even many factors to make a good Custom Packaging Boxes, but sometimes it’s just a matter of making sure your packaging is eye catching, customers understand what is being packed inside and what company or brand produced it. This guide is designed to describe all aspects of Custom Packaging Boxes from the packaging design that makes its packaging outstanding, the appropriate cardboard material that gives you peace of mind about the products, the precise impression that makes the design into reality packaging, pack and send the packaging well until you get the load. If you’ve never known those issues before or don’t know how to catch those points, you’re not alone, just get in the car and we’re here to help.

Why Does My Packaging Need Custom Packaging Boxes?

You can see many unprinted boxes and packaging bags on the market, or they are marked with a printed sticker. These companies may be starting a marketing test for some products, or their products are daily consumer products or a well-known brand, but we believe that one day they will use custom printed packaging. “The packaging adds value to the products”, this is accepted by the business owners of lots, cannot deny that good packaging greatly improves the value of your product, based on a good quality of their products.

Packaging is a key part of the marketing plan for any company that manufactures or sells products. A product package can be the point of sale for many consumers by offering a sense of quality and at the same time reflecting the brand image of the product. It is essential in retail sales, where proper packaging design can attract consumer attention and make the product stand out alongside a competing product shelf.

Custom Packaging Boxes describes itself. Why? A beautiful designed packaging box, with content, ingredients and fully described barcodes, makes consumers better understand your product. Proper custom packaging cardboard material makes your product locked in the packaging. It means that there are no breaks or scratches, it even indicates that the product is of high quality that is worth trusting.

Can I Design Packaging and Determine What Type Of Packaging I Need?

Understand that Custom Packaging Boxes is a complex system for one person, relates at least 10 elements. But you can get some content, we write this article for all types of readers, even if you didn’t know the custom packaging, you can still understand it and get something that makes sense when you start your own custom packaging project. For experienced readers, you can check and verify your current packaging, if you can use the guide to solve your packaging problems or find a good idea for your new developed packaging, it would be amazing! Flexible corrugated printing offers excellent cost advantages over most other packaging constructions. Strength, Economy. The corrugated grooves exposed along the edges and the minimum detail of the screen result in a more “industrial” presentation. The rigid shell construction produces unmatched strength and beauty presentation tools. Inside, sturdy resistance is achieved using a rigid chip board construction. On the outside, offset printing on paper with text weight maximizes graphic possibilities.

Factors of Custom Packaging Boxes

Choose from many premium options, such as solid Pantone colors, print and print or print. Choose a protective resin or film laminate for durability. Its blade is carefully wound around the inner core of high strength. Once their edges turn and wrinkle, they are sealed in place by an inner lining that completely conceals the core. Cloth and vinyl are also available, but they are more graphically limited Of the highest quality

  • Wrapped edges
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Memory
  • More rigid product
  • Higher cost

Ideal for books, book boxes, presentation cases, folder covers and ring binders.

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