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Why AC inverter is better than AC not inverter

The newest offering in the world of AC technology is the Inverter AC. While you are trying to catch that much needed sleep and the AC temperature has reached the comfort point, you are asleep. Now imagine that you wake up, soaked in sweat in a warm room. This is common for many people who use AC without an inverter. For babies and toddlers who are more sensitive to temperature, they wake up more by AC without an inverter. An alternating current alternating current reduces your electricity

consumption by 35-40%. Most of the best AC dealers also recommend inverter AC than traditional ones. 1.5 Ton Inverter AC Price in Pakistan

 Characteristics of an AC inverter

The AC inverter is becoming a popular choice among people who purchase air conditioners. The reason for the popularity comes from its characteristics:

AC Inverter does not need a longer time to cool a room and works immediately after switching on. So the room reaches the desired temperature in no time. It takes around 35% less time to start compared to non-inverter AC.

The compressor continues to run in a low mode to maintain the desired temperature. Because it is not switched off, restarting would not require the high amount of voltage that other inverters require. This mechanism makes the inverter AC more energy efficient.

Because the compressor can adjust to the temperature, the AC inverter provides more comfort for the user without bothering to constantly intervene

Inverter AC offers variable capacity. It can work well at low and high capacity. All thanks to the adjustable rotation technology

 Comparison between an inverter and non-inverter AC

Inverter AC price in Pakistan

How do you get the best out of your AC inverter?

A non-inverter AC operates at its peak power that corresponds to the ton you have chosen. The inverter AC adapts to the needs of the room according to the set temperature and draws only the required amount of power. To allow the inverter to use alternating current energy with maximum efficiency, measure your room and receive an alternating current alternating current of the right size. A higher or lower capacity of the inverter AC will not work properly. If you choose the right size, you can get the best out of your inverter.

 Which AC inverter is the best?

There are various brands in market which provides you best

Full bag – An AC of 1.5 tons costs less than Rs. 40,000. It has a1star rating and offers immediate cooling. Energy is efficient with 10%. The copper coils are easier to maintain and last longer. The metal used for the coil is copper, which contributes to overall energy efficiency.

Carrier – It has a rating of 3 stars. A variety of 1.5 tonnes. It lowers your electricity bill by 15%. The sleep mode is unique because it automatically adjusts the temperature for maximum comfort. The inverter AC has a coolant leak detector. The dehumidifier used in the AC is excellent and offers you optimum comfort. In the event of a power failure, automatic restarting helps to prevent manual switching.

Daikin – It has many unique functions. The 1.5 tonne AC has a 3-star rating and reduces power consumption by 15%. The swing compressor does not cause friction to wear and ensures that the AC lasts much longer. Neodymium magnets are used instead of regular magnets and they are much more effective in alternating current swing. Your swing will never get stuck.

Samsung – Priced at Rs.39,000 for 1.5 tonnes, the AC has a 3-star rating. It saves on power consumption. Features of this AC are: triple protection factor that improves your AC experience, built-in stabilizer, works on a single user mode, supports automatic restart, intelligent sleep mode is also quite intelligent.

 Maintenance of inverter AC

Regular maintenance of the inverter AC leads to a cost-effective cooling solution. Pay attention to circuits on the outdoor and indoor units. It is important to keep the filter clean. Since most inverter alternating current uses a copper coil, maintenance of such a coil is simple compared to coils in a non-inverter coil. The compressor guarantee is valid for 5 to 10 years. Because the compressor does not work at full power, it suffers less friction and deterioration. Of course, the life of the inverter compressor is longer than that of the non-inverter AC. The coolant is perhaps a little more expensive, but good for the environment.

Have the professional and brand technicians carry out the maintenance work. AC inverters are more complicated due to the high sophistication.

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