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Are You Moving To Australia?

Are you moving to Australia? Learn more about 

Packing your bags to go ashore? Surely you are in an experience. Australia is a wonderful country with green and lush landscapes, with spectacular beauty, a pleasant climate, excellent working conditions and wonderful and energetic people who live life in the Australian style.

As a multicultural society, it is welcoming and respectful for people of different origins and ethnicities. Australians can use Slangs and can leave you like a dazed mullet … ..! Well, it means perplexed. Therefore, your slangs can leave you disoriented about what they said and what they wanted to say, until you get used to it. However, it is a wonderful place to be.

Australian climate

The climate is as diverse as Australians are. With an extremely varied climate, you have the option of moving to the part that suits you best. While northern Australia has a tropical climate, southern Australia has different seasons, from long summers to cold, wet winters. Western Australia remains and is hot during summers and quite cold during winters.

Australian Society and Manners

Australians are very simple people. Directly in expressing your opinions however. As they are not very formal, they address people by name. They simply love the barbecue and may well be invited to one. In general, guests are expected to bring their own beer and wine on informal occasions. Be aware of B.Y.O.G (Bring your own Grog) when you are invited for such occasions.

Transport and displacements

Australia has a proper network of public bus networks. You will see taxis around if you need it. The port ferries are there in Sydney and the trams can be seen in Melbourne and Adelaide. Getting around is quite easy and affordable in Australia.

Australian interests

Australians like football. To give you an idea of ​​his obsession with the game, football is of many types: Rugby Union Football (RUF), Australian Rules Football (ARU), a Rugby League Football (RLF). As a migrant, you should try to know which is which, so that you do not end up mixing one with another.

And, of course, the Cup, which is better known as the Melbourne Cup across the country. The first race event is held on the first Tuesday of November at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne. Presented by approximately 100,000 people at Flemington, this best-known racing event is known to take the nation to a standstill. The event is also transmitted to more than 650 million people around the world.

Worker’s Rule

Australians are very particular about the rights of workers and that makes this nation one of the most incredible places to work. The minimum wage is $ 17.70 per hour (before taxes). The lucrative penalty rates also apply for Saturday and Sunday.

Of course, Australia is a good place to live. A nation with a stable economy, many growth opportunities and excellent education and medical care facilities. If you need more information about Australia, growth opportunities or how to obtain a visa to move, contact us and we will gladly answer your questions.

Australian 457 is the most popular temporary work visa and the most common path for qualified migration to Australia. It is a Visa sponsored by the employer that allows foreign workers to work on land for up to a maximum period of 4 years.

Before, we went to what is required to obtain the 457 Visa, let’s see what it allows you to do 457 while living in Australia.

What assistance do you get from the 457 Visa?

The Australian 457 visa allows you to live and work for the company that sponsored you for up to 4 years. You can travel in and out of Australia an infinite number of times while you are on this Visa. The 457 visa holders can bring eligible dependents, that is, spouse or de facto partners to Australia and can work and study during their stay.

The holders of the 457 visa can opt to request the renewal of the 457 visa when the expiration date approaches; however, the best idea is to apply for the Australian Independent Qualified Migration Visa (189). There are many examples where people started with the 457 visa and applied for the 189 Visa, a couple of years later. 189 The visa is for people who are not sponsored by an Australian employer, a member of their family or the Australian government.

Requirements for the 457 Visa

To apply for the Australian 457 Visa, it must be sponsored by an approved commercial entity. The position for which he is nominated must be on the list of qualified occupations and must have the skills required to be nominated for the position. You must be able to speak vocational English. The registration and licensing obligations must also be fulfilled by you.

Visa 457 procedure

There are 3 stages of the Visa 457 application procedure. We can help you with these stages, if professional help is required.

  • Level 1

Sponsorship: at this stage, the organization for which you wish to work must apply to be an approved business sponsor.

  • Stage 2

Nomination: the sponsor of the approved visa will designate a position for its sponsorship

  • Stage 3

Visa application: at the visa application stage, you apply for the 457 visa for the nominated post

Required documents

You must submit all necessary documents according to the guidelines, otherwise, your visa application may be rejected. The following are some of the important documents that you must present when applying for the visa:

  • English exam test results (does not apply to holders of passports from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland or if you have formally studied English for 5 years in a row). The results of IELTS, PTE, OET, TOEFL and Cambridge CAE are accepted; however, today most applicants prefer PTE because of its acceptance and global flexibility it offers. Discover why PTE is the most popular option.
  • Resume
  • Health insurance along with compliance with health requirements.
  • Character certificate
  • Medical exam

Who else can bring to Australia with Visa 457?

  • spouse or couple of factors
  • Children dependent on you or your spouse
  • Family members dependent on you

To prove a de facto relationship, much more than a marital relationship is needed. To prove a de facto relationship, you must present evidence that you live with your de facto partner for a minimum period of 12 months, which could include joint ownership of properties, joint billing accounts, account statement of a joint bank account, etc.

For More Information : Apply Australian Visa Online

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