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Application For a Visa in Australia or New Zealand!

Advice on immigration visas when you are preparing an application for a visa in Australia or New Zealand!

Critical evaluation

There is a variety of information available to you when you apply for a visa on your own. However, it is essential that you critically evaluate all available information and ask yourself if it really applies to your particular circumstances. I will be able to provide you with essential assistance and guide you through the requirements for the desired result.

How to sift through an overwhelming amount of information

Presumably, you will begin your research on the websites of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and New Zealand, as they provide a quick reference to information on the types of visas and their rights. Commonly, they require you to insert basic information and the online system will instantly show which visas may be applicable to your circumstances. This will give you an overview of the visas, the basic eligibility criteria and the costs associated with visas of particular types. Although, this generic material will not provide you with the information on the most appropriate visa for you, the processes that are required for your particular circumstances and the path to your preferred state in New Zealand or Australia. I will help you go beyond an overwhelming amount of generic information about the basic requirements of the visa. I will evaluate all your documentation and provide you with professional visa advice so that you can prepare a successful application.

Presentation of the document

On the immigration websites, you will find applicable application forms and checklists, but these are generic and you will not have information on how to complete them or if any of the forms and requirements have changed since you completed the application forms that are not they have been sent. still. Any checklist will include basic documentation, although they do not provide a complete list or explain how the documents should be presented, nor for what evidence each document is used and which document is the most appropriate to be included in your particular application to present your best possible case. Sometimes, applicants will find themselves unable to present certain documents that are listed. In this case, I will be able to advise alternative forms or documentation to better support your application.

Applying online

On the government Immigration websites, you will find basic information on how to apply online, including the steps to complete. However, many find this quite overwhelming, since the forms are long and require different information and, sometimes, they do not allow you to continue with the next step due to lack of information or errors. It is also possible that you can not respond or that you can not understand what is required of you. Governments require that you provide complete and correct answers on the submitted forms. There is a condition of public interest 4020 that specifies that only information and documents that are true and correct in every detail must be submitted to any authority. All must be a true, correct and honest representation of their identity, skills, qualifications, work experience and other circumstances, since the false or fraudulent information presented will have negative consequences on their visa application. When applying for qualified migration, business, temporary visas, student visas and family visas, you must comply with the so-called PIC 4020. This PIC 4020 allows you to reject a visa application when an applicant provides “false documents” or false or misleading information. Even when the information provided is not directly relevant to the visa application or when the applicants send documents without knowing it.

It is important to keep in mind that if you are denied a visa because you do not comply with PIC 4020 for identity reasons, you will not be granted another visa that includes PIC 4020 as part of the criteria for a period of 10 years after the denial , which includes the members of your family that were part of your visa application. I can advise you regarding this criterion and other questions you may have regarding how to complete forms and questions that you are not sure of how to respond.

For More Information : Australian Immigration Website

Decide which visa is best for you

The available features of the Visa Wizard and Visa Options Check on the Immigration websites can be useful, as they provide a series of visa options for your location, country of residence and passport details. However, they will not give you details about which visa is best for you; how your path to desired permanent residence must be achieved in the best possible way; or how to maximize your chances of success on a particular type of visa, with which I can help you personally.

Update information

Information brochures are provided by immigration authorities to help you understand what is required and how to complete and submit applications. However, they are not detailed enough to include information on the proper preparation of the documentation; information about your particular country; how and where to obtain documents and practical advice; How to save time and money when preparing documentation, translations and others. Interestingly, these brochures have a disclaimer that the information contained in these brochures should be used as a guide only since the requirements may change from the date of printing to the brochure. Before submitting a visa application, you must consult the website to obtain the most up-to-date and specific information about the visa. I follow the changes in the legislation and I will be able to give you updated advice and guide you through the requirements. In addition, I will evaluate your documentation and advise you on how to approach the preparation of the documentation and its presentation to the corresponding authorities.

Where to find answers to your questions.

The Immigration website encourages applicants to contact them by phone if they have any questions and only after reading the information provided on the website. From my own experience, DIBP will not answer your call for at least 45 minutes. Upon receiving the call, it is certain that all your questions will be answered in a comprehensive manner. Often, customers report that they have waited more than an hour on the phone for Immigration contacts and are still dissatisfied with the response. Alternatively, if you spend 45 minutes with myself on a consultation appointment, you will receive correct and comprehensive advice and your questions will be answered. I will help you in complex and procedural matters, explaining the processes and requirements. At the conclusion of our consultation, you can perform the necessary steps, understanding the requirements entirely.

Save time by changing through irrelevant research

It is likely that it will also be sent to several blogs and forums, providing advice on visas. Most of them include very general answers and will include tips that apply to your particular circumstances; the circumstances are very individual and may be different at certain points. Searching for information and trying to eliminate what does not apply to you will take hours of your valuable time. I understand the requirements and information you need, which will give you a good start to your own visa application and I will assist you professionally and quickly.

How can I help you on your immigration trip?

By using my services, you can confidently address the problems of your eligibility and understand what certain visa conditions mean and how they apply to you. You will understand how to make information and how it applies to your personal situation. In addition, you will make a friend with a professional adviser who will be your first advice and who understands your case and who has your best interest in mind.

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