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Faster Australian Work Visas


Faster work visas: how can your company qualify?

Visa processing times seem out of control

The extensive waiting times for Australian work visas, specifically subclass 457 and its successor, the Temporary Skills Shortage 482, are a constant concern for both applicants and their corporate sponsors. Currently, the period of uncertainty for 457 visas is up to nine months and even for subclass 482 it can be extended to four months.

Resources in the Immigration Department have been restricted, and case officers are no longer available to answer inquiries from applicants. On the other hand, to the frustration of those who expect answers, a collective system of case management has been implemented; a virtual brick wall between those who apply for visas and those who determine the merits of their applications.

Is there another answer?

For corporate sponsors who meet the required criteria, there really could be a better way. The government has recently revised its policies related to accredited sponsors and for entities that depend on skilled labor from abroad, the approval under this state will achieve a significantly improved processing of applications for visas of subclass 482; so much so that many of these applications will be approved automatically in minutes, totally without manual intervention, and others in two or three weeks.

The nominees of an Accredited Sponsor also receive additional considerations and, if the sponsor sends a letter of reference to confirm good character, they will not require the authorization of the police abroad.

A company can request the accredited status (using the same documentation) when making the request to become a standard sponsor. Then, if it does not meet all the accreditation criteria, it will still be considered for standard sponsorship.

What is required to become an Accredited Sponsor?

To be approved for the accredited state, the sponsoring entity must meet all the standard sponsorship requirements, as well as the additional characteristics applied to one of the four accreditation categories:

Category 1: State or territorial government agencies

Have Australian workers who comprise at least 75% of the local workforce.

Category 2: Australian Trusted Traders

Make Australian workers understand at least 75% of the local workforce, all paid according to an Entrepreneurial Agreement or an internal salary table that reflects the current appropriate market rates.

Category 3: low volume and high percentage of Australian workers

Australian workers who comprise at least 85% of the local workforce pay adequately for the jobs. It is not a sole trader or a partnership. Have an annual turnover of at least $AUD 4M during the last two years. He has been a standard commercial sponsor for at least one year. Have the nominations approved for at least one primary TSS visa or subclass 457. Have a non-approval nomination rate of less than 3% in the last year. They do not have adverse monitoring results.

Category 4: high volume of use and average percentage of Australian workers

Have Australian workers who comprise at least 75% of the local workforce. It is not a sole trader or a partnership. Have an annual turnover of at least $AUD 4M during the last two years. He has been a standard commercial sponsor for at least two years. Have nominations approved for at least ten TSS visas and / or subclass 457 in the last two years. Have a non-approval rating of less than 3% in the last two years. They do not have adverse monitoring results. Hire all holders of TSS and / or 457 visas as employees under a written contract that complies with NES, as applicable.

The Department will consider exceptions to these guidelines, as long as the requests are properly framed and adequately supported.

Check the applications thoroughly; misunderstandings result in disappointment

In the complex and fast fluctuating world of immigration law, nothing is constant and nothing is simple. Therefore, it really pays dividends, to obtain professional assistance, qualified specialists, specifically trained in the processes, trained to help you achieve the best possible result in the shortest possible time.

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Living in Regional Australia

The attractions of the Australian regional lifestyle are many and varied; a fact consistently discovered by the inhabitants of Australian cities themselves. Regional growth and infrastructure are global standards, education and health facilities are incomparable, while coastal and interior areas have their own unique appeal.

Holders of Skilled Regional 489 visas can stay in Australia for up to four years, live, work and study in a specific region of Australia, travel through Australia and to and from Australia as often as they wish, provided the visa is valid and Ultimately, apply for permanent residence, if eligible, through a qualified regional residence visa (subclass 887).

It certainly offers an extremely attractive alternative, but applications require careful preparation before presentation.

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