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Celebrate your femininity with floral prints!

If women were a season, what would that be? We think without a doubt in the spring, and not just because we miss the joyous rays of the sun…

Like spring flowers, each of us has a distinct femininity, which is different, depending on how we choose to capitalize. To add extra energy not only in the mood but also in the personal wardrobe by Online shopping kurti, our recommendation is to opt for floral prints when you buy key pieces for this season.

This time, designers have found a new way to reinterpret the floral print. More precisely, it inspires us through various ways to combine floral prints in spring-summer 2019. If the last season was about bohemian influences, characterized by massive accessories, joining different textures and frock dresses, this spring the trends go to the retro style that allows you to be bold in terms of the color of the outfits, keeping a minimalist dressing line. Focus on the strong colors and do not hesitate to mix them to get a fresh and sophisticated look. In this case, the bag and footwear must be carefully chosen, in shades as simple as possible.

You can also combine more floral prints in the same outfit, but keep in mind the following: floral print sizes must be different to avoid the wearing appearance of the outfit.

If your clothing fireworks do not characterize you, then we recommend choosing a single piece of floral print around which you build the whole outfit: join a plain trouser or shalwar with floral print shirt. This time, you can access the outfit in bold colors!

And this season, floral prints come with a styling challenge for us: minimalist or bold? To choose the fashion pieces of each of you, krosskulture has prepared a variety of floral print models; just choose your favorite pieces! From kurta or frock dresses, spring has never been more feminine.

One of the best ways to bring floral into your wardrobe is just one piece. Instead of going full head-to-toe floral, try a floral trouser or top. Doing this allows you to bring in the pattern without getting overwhelmed by it. Floral matches surprisingly well with a lot of your favorite staples and can mix-and-match with other patterns and colors.

In this sizzling, hot summer, keep your look youthful & fresh by wearing the large floral printed kurti. Put on chunky jewelry to enhance the look of such a very flirty young dress, also try stylish hair-do and grace the trendy look. It is perfect choice for fashion-focused girl!

Next to krossulture’s store you can see how summer trends will bring a lot to match your wardrobe. Check the catalog of their low cost women’s clothing store here. 2019 will start on a very good foot thanks to some of their clothes.


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