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Air cooler or air conditioner? What should you get?

On warm summer days, choosing the right cooling option is essential for many of us. Our common intention to maintain the right balance between our energy bill and comfort level forces many of us to explore different cooling options. There are mainly two types of effective cooling options available – air coolers and air conditioners. Both cooling options have a head start on another. Many of us often get perplexed to determine the suitable cooling option between an evaporative air cooler versus the Best DC inverter AC in Lahore. In this article we will explore the different functions of these two cooling options and perform a comparative analysis to help you make a decision.

Air Cooler

Air coolers, also known as evaporative coolers or swamp coolers, cool the air with a basic principle. Hot air is blown near cold water to lower the temperature. Evaporative coolers need water to cool the room temperature and you can add ice cubes for a better cooling effect. The main difference between evaporative cooler versus air conditioner is that air coolers rely on an engine and air conditioners rely on compressors to deliver cool air. That is why air coolers are more energy efficient than air conditioners.

How the air cooler system works

Air cooling system is a natural phenomenon that is simulated in an evaporative air cooler or swamp cooler. When we pass a river or pond or body of water, we can feel a calming breeze of air. This happens due to the heat-absorbing nature of water when dry air passes.

The air is cooled when the temperature and vapor pressure of water try to become equal to that of air. The heat from the dry air is dissipated in this way and the air circulates automatically.

The same happens in evaporative air coolers. Dry air flows through the cooler’s water reservoir. The air then cools and a fan blows the air into the room to stimulate circulation.

Best DC inverter AC in Lahore
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Characteristics of air coolers

The air cooling system has many distinctive features that make it unique in comparison with other cooling systems. Evaporative air coolers or swamp coolers rely on engines and water to deliver cool air. Since the engines consume very little electricity and water is available everywhere in our area, the operating costs of air coolers are usually very lower compared to air conditioners. They are available in portable formats and, unlike air conditioners, do not require a ventilation system. Because air coolers use water to cool the room temperature, they add moisture to the room. An air cooler can lower the room temperature to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Air conditioners

Air conditioning is the most common cooling option in the world. It is suitable in any climate. Air conditioners rely on coolants, a chemical compound that can absorb heat. Air conditioners circulate and reuse the coolant using compressors to cool all isolated space. There are many types of air conditioners that are specially designed for every possible situation and climate. They are perfect for both household and commercial spaces.

How air conditioners work

The air conditioning process is complex and requires a separate blog. In short, air conditioners have two main units to complete the cooling process. They are the evaporation unit and the condenser unit. The evaporation unit draws the warm air from the room and absorbs its heat through an evaporator coil. The evaporator coil absorbs the heat with the help of coolant. The heated coolant is then transferred to the condenser for cooling. In the beginning, the condenser unit heats the coolant even more with the help of a compressor. Because of this extra heat, the heat dissipation process of coolants through the condenser unit becomes faster. The condenser pushes the removed heat out with the help of a fan and sends the cooled refrigerant back to the evaporation unit.

Certainly, the air conditioning process is much more complex and this is just the essence of it.

 Characteristics of Air conditioners

The Best DC inverter AC in Lahore are more effective than all other cooling options. They mainly depend on coolants and compressors to cool the temperature. That is why the energy consumption of an air conditioner is much greater than with any other cooling option. It is estimated that air conditioning is responsible for around 10% to 18% energy bill of a household. Air conditioners have many health benefits. However, since the refrigerant chemicals used in the air conditioning system are CFCs, HCFCs, or HFCS gas, air conditioners have a negative impact on our environment.

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