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Cost of Hair Transplant


The Hair Transplant is the most successful and lasting treatment for baldness. Do people generally want the cost of hair transplantation. Hair transplant is a long-term effect. Hair transplant can change your personality, you can improve your confidence, you can improve your social life, you can improve your business, and you can also improve your personal relationships. Hair transplantation is carried out by extracting hair from the donor area and placing three impurities on the bald patches. It’s a combination of art and science.

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It requires surgical artistry as well as full knowledge of hair.

In hair transplant costs vary from 5 PKR per graft to 200 PKR per graph.

The cost of hair transplants depends on many factors

1.      Technique

Which technique you choose. There are many techniques involved in hair transplants such as fun, robotics, body hair extraction, long hair and straight non-shaven fun. Cost depends on the technique. Fut is cheap and although robotic shutdown, long hair is expensive.

2.      Doctor

Cost also depends on doctors’ ability to supply results. More doctors charge more and charge new doctors less.

3.      Why this difference?

Hair transplant is skill based work. The ultimate goal of hair transplant results. A new doctor’s growth rate will always be less than an experienced doctor, less damage to irritants with experienced doctors. Experienced doctors are more effective. They can provide a good result in a smaller number of grafts compared to a new doctor.

4.      Clinical quality, location and equipment

These factors are again a very important factor. A highly sophisticated clinic with high end instruments and an degree will cut more than a normal clinic. More clinics using larger import instruments will cut.

5.      Budget clinic

Patients want hair transplants cheaply. Most patients pay a capacity between. However, makes an id with a tender clinic. MBA, a small business group, new doctors and technicians run such a clinic, these places are ready to give you free discounts and treatment. Be careful about such clinics. Such clinics are known for less grafts, failure of outcome, complications and death.


If you are looking for a hair transplant in, you always have a budget of 60000 PKR to 200000 PKR. Never choose a tender clinic. Because your grafts are limited and they can only change your look once.

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