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Do you Want to Pass aws solutions architect certification?

Any certification is worth and an addon for your professional career. But that alone is not sufficient; you need to have hands on experience to get a good job. You know that every organization asks for hands on. Right?

I understand the problems, we will be working in a different technology and we are enthusiastic to move towards aws solutions architect certification, then how can we get hands on?

You know that aws solutions architect certification is cloud service which provides services from development to deployment and the services of aws are pay-as-you-go. You can pay only for the resources you use.

Get an idea, create a simple prototype in any language you want, develop using aws, deploy using aws. You need to pay for it, but aws course won’t cost you much. By, this you will get personal hands on.

Tell the interviewer that, i have done this with aws solutions architect certification. At the end, interviewer needs to understand how familier you are with the subject. So, tell him and show him about the prototype you created using aws solutions architect certification. He sees your interest in the subject and may consider you as well.

You can write the same in your resume that, i have additional worked on this and created this, no harm in writing.

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