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Documents Required To Apply Australian Visa

Australian Visa

The ETA Australia program (sub-category 651) began in 1996, but the latest ETA was adopted in 2013 and most of the Austrian nationalities can be applied. The idea behind this is very simple. Travelers from most countries can use the Internet to apply for a visa and get it in minutes. The 2013 Access License Agreement was updated to allow you to travel to Australia for both business and tourism purposes.

ETA for Austrian allows you to stay in Australia for a maximum of 90 days within one year. However, there are some general requirements that you must meet before you apply. For one, you can not suffer from TB. The second condition refers to criminal convictions.

You can not be convicted of a crime that has resulted in a penalty of 12 months or more. Whether the sentence has been implemented or not is irrelevant. The next thing on the list is eligibility. You can do this easily using the LMS Visa Checker tool. Just enter Austrian and Australia as a destination for you. Information will be available immediately. Once you have crossed the above items from the list, you can proceed and progress online.

What documents are necessary?

While the online application is more convenient than going to the Australian Embassy, ​​this does not mean you do not need some documentation. It is best to put them all before you go to fill in the form. When it comes to documentation, it takes just a few documents. Here is a list of what you need.

Valid passport – Austrian travel to almost every place requires a passport, and Australia is no exception. Getting a passport is very easy. All you have to do is go to the exporting power in your country. For those who already have a passport, it is recommended to check the expiry date. You must be valid for at least three months from the date you arrive in Australia.
Payment Methods – Before you can submit your application, you will be required to pay for LMS services. For your convenience, accept either a credit card or a debit card. In addition, PayPal payments are accepted as well.
Regardless of the above, you will also be asked to answer some questions. Do not worry because it is a simple question. You just need to mention your travel reasons and some other things. We recommend that you answer the questions honestly.

Once you have completed this stage, you can continue and complete the application form. It’s not a challenge at all, but if you have questions, you can contact the LMS support service. You can contact 24/7.

Processing time and fees

These are discussed together because the fees depend on the processing time. ETA Australia itself is free. What you pay for the LMS service fee. The company offers three excellent Austrian options, and you can choose the one that suits you best. Keep in mind that the faster your order is processed, the higher the service charge. Here’s what you can select:

Standard – People often choose this option because it is cheaper. It costs only $ 20. However, your visa will arrive very quickly. It takes 24 hours for your order to be processed. It may be slower, but one day is not long.
Rush – Compared to the previous option, Rush Processing Time is faster, and your ETA Australia will be ready in two hours. As for the price, this cost $ 50.
Super Rush – This is the fastest available option you can provide. It is ideal if you want to make your way to the airport. The ETA will be ready in just 15 minutes and cost $ 70.

Australia ETA  – Application Form

When we hear the word “request form”, think of something complicated, right? Well, be assured that he has created one of the simplest models you should complete. They are divided into two easy steps. The first step consists of general information such as name, address, passport information, etc. You must also specify the processing time you want at this stage. The second consists of review, review and payment. Press the Send button and start packing. The ETA will be ready in no time.
As you will probably notice, getting ETA Australia for Austrian is very simple. No effort and almost time is required on your part. It’s a much better alternative to visiting the Australian Embassy, ​​is not it?

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