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Electrical Installation Condition Report

At the beginning of this year we had the introduction of the EICR Report London (status report electrical inspection). This replaced the more famous electric PIR report (periodic inspection report). We have only just made our approved documents available for use on the site, I think the registered authorities had difficulty generating useful documents based on the new guidelines.

EICR gave homeowners much simpler information than the old PIR document. However, I am concerned that the EICR is not as suitable as the old PIR for commercial / industrial buildings.

2012 is a year of change within the electrical industry in the UK, we have the new EICR, the 17th edition has started and Part P is currently being revised. Solar PVR also has all kinds of changes for the feed in rates etc.

In addition, the guidelines for PAT testing (electrical inspection and testing of electrical equipment) will change in the very near future.

That is why investing in current training and electrical testing equipment is vital, I insist on moving with the times. We replace our test equipment at most every 2 years. We also constantly evaluate the new regulations and guidelines. In addition, we regularly complete city and guild training.

Electrical Testing

Electrical testing is so important for a complete and correct HSE policy and home safety. Unfortunately, it is often ignored until it is too late. The new EICR will hopefully provide new clarity for homeowners and company employees, as some of the old formulations can be a bit difficult for people unfamiliar with the industry.

EICR Report London

I would like to see a promotion of this for the way in which corgi first came to the fore years ago. I work in this industry every day and some of the problems and errors that you encounter are crazy. Electrical maintenance is just as important as the original installation.

Deterioration of the cables can occur due to poor design, resulting in overloading and overheating. Poor cable production can cause serious problems over time. You also have general physical damage to accessories and fittings. In addition to physical damage to cabling by rodents, poor installation and incorrect cable type.

A full inspection and test will find these errors before a really dangerous event such as an electric fire or electric shock. I hope that someone will take attention and take action when reading this.

 Electrical Installation

Each electrical installation deteriorates both with use and over time, so it is important that each installation is periodically inspected and tested by a competent person to ensure that the safety of persons using the installation is not compromised. The results of the test and inspection are clearly detailed in a report together with a list of “observations”, items noted during the test and that identify damage, defects, deterioration or hazardous conditions in the installation.

For the sake of convenience, these observations are currently coded with a number from 1 to 4. At the upcoming EICR, this numbering system must be replaced by codes C1 to C3. These codes refer to a set of clear guidelines that have been given to the recipient of the report so that they can accurately assess the state of their electrical installation and make a decision about any required repair work.

Although there is no direct or specific legislation that requires testing and inspection of electrical installations, various duties have been imposed on employers, landlords and persons responsible for buildings for which they must provide a safe workplace.

Insurers are increasingly asking for proof of electrical tests and inspections as a condition to provide coverage, and this requirement is often hidden in the fine print on the policy schedule. Unfortunately, it is only when a claim is made that this claim comes to light and the claimant discovers to his dismay that they are not covered by the terms of their policy.


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