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What is a visual electrical inspection of home buyers?

An electrical purchase from home buyers is sometimes more commonly known as a visual electrical inspection. It consists of a visual inspection or a first verification of an electrical system in homes and a subsequent report is issued. It is a fast and inexpensive way to identify latent defects, along with any visible damage or deterioration.Electrical Installation Condition Report is necessory according to UK law.It is also used to check whether the electrical system meets current national electrical safety standards (the wiring codes). However, since this type of electrical inspection does not include circuit testing, it cannot fully determine whether the entire electrical installation is completely safe for continued use.

Compulsory Power

The inspector conducting the inspection must have in-depth knowledge and experience that is relevant to the nature of the electrical system to be inspected and to current technical standards.

It is the inspector’s responsibility to:

Ensure that no person is at risk and that property is not damaged

Compare the inspection results with regard to the design criteria

Advise the customer about the condition of the electrical system and give advice if repair work is needed

If a dangerous situation is found, the inspector will recommend the immediate isolation or shutdown of the defective part. The buyer and the homeowner are then informed without undue delay.

Why should I choose this type of electrical inspection instead of a full Periodic Inspection Report?

If you are considering buying a home, you may want to consider a visual electrical inspection. This fast and relatively inexpensive report can give you a reasonable indication of the state of the electrical system in the building. This information can then help you make a better decision whether the electrical system needs to be repaired or upgraded in the near future. You may want to take this into account when bidding for the property, depending on the summary of your report. A visual inspection also saves the home buyer the expenditure of a full electrical safety certificate, technically known as a periodic inspection report. Producing a periodic inspection report is a much more time-consuming process and therefore considerably more expensive. As a prospective home seller you can decide not to buy the property. Therefore, a full periodic inspection report is simply not profitable to buy if the negotiations with the seller fail.

5.	Electrical Installation Condition Report

Pre-purchase electrical inspection: What will your inspector be looking for:

The inspection must relate to the examination of the items below

  • Safety of the electrical system
  • Verification of test records
  • Deterioration of the wiring
  • All installed electrical equipment is correct and meets the relevant UK standards
  • If residual current devices are installed in the wiring system
  • All parts of the wiring and accessories in the installation are correctly installed
  • Signs of overloading with fuses or circuit breakers
  • General wear

Everyone knows that electricity can be dangerous – there is nothing groundbreaking in that statement! Most people give their electrical devices, sockets and switches the right care and attention when using them, but hardly, if at all, think about the wiring and infrastructure behind the scenes.

Which, when you think about it, is rather strange. Most people in the UK ensure that their gas boilers and their cars are regularly serviced. And that is regardless of suspected errors or problems. But when it comes to electricity in the home, we assume that if it works, there can be no problem.

There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, electricity is not tangible. Unlike other utilities. You can’t hear or see it and it doesn’t smell. Which means that there are often no clear signs of problems. Secondly, there have been no major awareness campaigns about electrical safety in Great Britain in recent years, as opposed to gas safety (it was the Gas Safety Week last week!)

Without prospects for government-supported campaigns in the short term, it is up to local authorities and local, reputable companies to train their own communities. There are guidelines that recommend the frequency of electrical testing. The test frequency varies enormously with the use of the building in question, but for homeowners you must have a full status report on the electrical installation at least every five years.

This also applies if you are a landlord, but with a very important and often unknown addition: you need the electrical installation condition report at least every five years.


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