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Feds Target E-Cig Liquids with Kid-Friendly Packaging

Brands resemble juice boxes, cookies, candy

These cigarettes and electronic cigarettes aim to pack cigarettes to be like juice boxes, candies, and cookies that suggest that children are deliberately appealed.

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On Tuesday, they issued and issued 13 warning letters to manufacturers, distributors and retailers selling packaging liquids reciting widely recognized brands, and Tree Top apple juice boxes.A number of retailers who received the warning letters were also mentioned to illegally sell e-cigarettes to minors.The move comes a week after advertising activities aimed at selling the most selling e-cigarette brand to underage users.

In a press release, it said that no tobacco product should be marketed with images that could put young children at risk or attract older children.”It’s easy to see how a child of these e-liquid products could be wasted on something they believe they had previously worn – as a juice box,” he said … “It’s up to him companies selling these products ensure that they do not harm or attract children, and we will continue to act against those who sell tobacco products to youth and market products in this way. ”

Not only could the image be viewed as a favorite for children. One retailer gives Sticks a description of the taste as follows: “Strawberry cookies and vanilla frosting, pitched springs and covered pink and white frosting are delivered. This spectacular sweet taste will be one of your favorite things!”All companies issued and issued warning letters to reply within 15 working days, and the letters noted that failure to address specific concerns and infringements could result in seizures or seizures of products. right.

“The products mentioned in the warning letters are considered to be misdemeanor in contravention of the Federal Food, Drugs and Cosmetic Act because their labeling and / or advertising which imitates child-friendly foods is false or misleading,” said the statement. “Warning letters under the Act, which prohibit unfair or deceptive advertising.”

“The protection of young children from unwarranted health and safety risks is one of our highest priorities,” said Acting. “Nicotine is very toxic, and it is clear in these letters that the marketing methods that put children at risk of nicotine poisoning are acceptable.”Between January 2012 and April 2017, 8,269 toxic exposures were reported among young children involved in liquid cigarette emails to poison control centers in the researchers reported last week.

The ingestion of liquid cigarettes among young children can result in death from cardiac arrest, seizure, coma, and respiratory arrest.Gottlieb said that, in partnership with the Agency, it would reveal additional actions as part of its new Youth Tobacco Prevention Plan.While it is illegal to sell e-cigarettes to persons under 18 years of age, national survey data indicates that more than 2 million secondary and high school students were the current users of electronic cigarettes and other nicotine electronic devices. 2016.The Commission is currently considering adopting other regulatory measures to curb the use of underage cigarettes, including the prevention of flavorings that put younger users.In March, the agency issued advance notice of the making of rules seeking public views on how flavors affect young people’s use.

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