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Unique extended-text label ticks all the boxes

A customized label provides space for two languages ​​on essential oil bottles, while digital printing enables short tights, fast turnaround, and premium aesthetics.

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Of Pleasant is the main producer of essential oils, which has a 23% share of the global market. With the Latin derivative name which means “gift of the world,” the company embraces the mission of sharing the necessary therapeutic oils with the world. According to the Vice President of Corporate Communications, when the company was launched in 2008, its seven founders were among the first people to recognize the health benefits of essential oils.“They were very visual in how they looked at personal healthcare and in other ways to increase physical and mental functions through essential oils,” she explains.

Initial products included 25 single oils and 10 mixtures. Today it provides more than 100 essential oils, which creates a mixture, obtained from over 40 nations. It also sells nutritional products, spa and healthy living based on essential oil technologies and a comprehensive fitness philosophy. In total, its global number SKUs is 10,000.In the early days, label design was simple. As its essential oil products are exactly the same – essential oils and anything else – there was little copy of their label. For example, “peppermint oil” was included in the list of ingredients for peppermint oil. But as the regulations grew, she had to add more text. Despite a tiny amount of 5-ml and 15 mL of its bottle, it succeeded in putting all the necessary information on its labels. However, as it was ready for launch in 2014, it also learned that this information would have to be added.Looking for a solution that would enable it to comply with the new regulations and maintains its aesthetics of its premium product and keeps costs low, turned to its long-term Packaging labeling provider.

Clean and cost effective solution

Traditionally, Consumer Packaging Goods companies that require bilingual labels for their products could use one of the different options. These include a separate carton with a sheet attached to the bottle, or a pencil-style label, which combines two materials together.The Senior Accounts Executive says, “he thought that all bottles would have to be placed in a folded collateral, which would be a departure from their standard as well as expensive. And, in fact, when they investigated it, he would never have complied with the regulations anyway, as he was aware of being on the bottle himself. ”

In the case of its label, a return booklet is used to accommodate 12 languages. According to a Senior Manager, “it’s not looking clean.” He explains, “There is a little ridge on the label when the booklet is added. And, when the booklet is published, it is difficult to fold it and put it back and put it under. ”On the market, something was being sought that would protect the clean and streamlined design of its current label.At the time they went to get help on the label, the converter was already “thinking quite theoretically about a wraparound back-style skin label,” says, so they used the opportunity to explore the option. .

“We enlarged one of our current labels and created a prototype of change,” he explains. “Our theory was that the surface tension difference between the glass bottle and the label would provide a sufficiently differential, that the trimming section, number one, a good enough stick, and number two, would stop pulling. The main label would no longer be adhered to except in the glass bottle.

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